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FAMILY, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP: Signs that a guy is just using you or playing games with you

Updated on September 15, 2016

How can a guy make a girl believe and fall for him

I observed mostly guys in today's world can easily get what they want from a girl they choose to be with. The secret? well, that's what I'm going to tell you now. This is a bad revelation to the girls because they might think that all men are the same but not all men are bad or unemotional. I don't want women to hate all men. I am just trying to show girls how to trust guys and how to look at the signs they are doing to them to make them feel loved and special but I'm sure will turn out to be disappointed.
Stop guessing now, here are some tips you might need in your life.

Here are the Signs:

* Beware of so sweet gestures or words when you meet him in person the first time. Even though, both of you chatted each other everyday, always remind yourself that there's no love online. Love can only be bloomed when you both do activities together, there should be a physical contact, emotional connection and intellectual conversation. If no such things that I've mentioned then it's surely it's for a game or pleasures or taking advantage of you or worse case scenario he needs to use you. Most of the guys want pleasure and games but they are not responsible with you and your emotions. So, be aware of this act from a guy you meet.
* When he talks to you, he will make you feel special by calling you babe, hun, baby, etc. He will tell you that he is looking for someone special and it could be you. He's gonna say you are pretty, exotic or tall and skinny which are all his likes to make you feel flattered. In short, he needs to convince you that he's hook with you. He will then say next after he sensed that you loved all he's saying to you such as he wants you to be his wife, his partner in life forever and a day, etc. Of course, girls love fairy tales, those are the words they wanna hear from a guy. If you are guilty in his trap, then it's time for you to wake up.
* He will invest time and sometimes a little money on you. He will talk to you online, text you back and forth In phone or ask you to call him. He will do it everyday I bet you. That's his job, to make you feel worthy of his time. He will then say that he doesn't like to chat, he hates it or even say he doesn't talk to anyone but he does anyway for you because he finds you really are interesting and mysterious for him.
* For meeting up, he will invite you to come over to his place. Or maybe ask you to invite him to your place if you are living alone. Beware, because even he says just for hang out for a cup of coffee to know each other face to face, you should always keep in mind that he just wants sex.

Do not fall easily with the beautiful words that a guy will say or promise you.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      It's been said that men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears. However with age comes wisdom. Men learn that everything that glitters is not gold and women learn actions speak louder than words.

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      If one finds they are having one bad dating experience after another it's probably time they re-examine (their) "mate selection" criteria.

      The only thing all of your bad relationships have in common is (you).

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      Hopefully every girl's father has told them about the mindset of (young men). Most young guys are not in a rush to become their parents!

      The thought of marriage, signing a 30 year mortgage, and having children is the last thing on their mind. It's like watching their lives flash before their eyes!

      Therefore most guys in their teens, 20s, and sometimes early 30s are primarily interested in having FUN!

      This means they want to play their video games, watch sports, party with friends, and get laid. They're not looking for their "soul-mate".

      Truth be told one's youth is a time of exploration and discovery. It should be a time to focus on education, establishing a career path, dating, traveling, and figuring out who (you) are and what you want.

      Unfortunately our society fails young women and girls oftentimes with "fairytale" novels, movies, and assorted stories about knights in shining armor and prince charming romanticizing maidens and sweeping then off of their feet. In fact one of the first toys a little girl is given is a baby doll, a stroller to push the doll around, Easy-Bake- Oven to bake brownies and cakes, a tea set, Ken & Barbie's playhouse...etc

      Their formative years they are bombarded with images of being "in love" and having the man of their dreams.

      Boys on the other hand are given water pistols, remote control cars, boats, and helicopters, anything with flashing lights and loud noises, along with games they can compete with their friends.

      It's no wonder that by the time a girl reaches her late teens or early 20s she feels ready to live out her childhood fantasy of being a princess. In fact in many ways her wedding gown and having everyone rise as she walks into the church is (her) moment. The groom is little more than a prop!

      My point is guys have not been (practicing) to be husbands and fathers since childhood. They have not been "dreaming of the wedding day". Therefore it's unrealistic to expect them to have the same level of commitment as most women have when it comes to relationships.

      According to statistics by age 44 over 85% of men have been married at least once. This would suggest the issue is (timing). If a girl is looking for a serious relationship with the goal of marriage she probably should consider dating a guy in his 30s who may be more likely ready to marry.

      In the meantime it's only natural for people to bend over backwards to impress those they find attractive. In fact men don't pursue women they find unattractive!

      If a man asks a woman out he hopes somewhere in the future to have sex with her. There is a reason why he chose her to ask as oppose to the woman with missing teeth, crossed eyes, and a limp. Women however will say "yes" to date if a guy is "nice" or they'd like the event suggestion.