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Signs that a guy is metrosexual: Personality, habits and behavioral signs of metrosexual men

Updated on November 2, 2013

Am I metrosexual? How do I know if my boyfriend is metrosexual and not gay? What are the common signs of a metrosexual personality? Identifying a man's metrosexual behavior is all about looking at his taste in fashion, hygiene, skincare, hair styling, body hair grooming and fashion accessories along with his emotional quotient. This post discusses some of things that make it easy to tell a metrosexual guy apart from the other men.

Shower and bath products are an integral part of a metrosexual guy's bathroom cabinet.
Shower and bath products are an integral part of a metrosexual guy's bathroom cabinet. | Source

1) He uses aromatic shower gels and other bath products

Men aren't supposed to be picky about the kind of soap they use. Just give a man a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo and he should be done with his bath.

On the other hand, a metrosexual guy will not use just any soap. His bathroom will be lined with body washes, shower gels, vitamin enriched shampoos, moisturizing conditioners and other fragrant body care products so that he can step out of the shower smelling fresh and handsome.

2) He can hold up a discussion about fashion and style with a girl

Few men can hold fort when it comes to discussing mainstream style and fashion with women. Those who can, are generally perceived to be either gay or metrosexual.

A real man would never be spotted ranting about the colors in a fashion brand's latest summer catalogue. If you see a straight guy passionately talking about fashion, accessories, brands and designers, it is likely to be because of the metrosexual edge to his personality.

3) He has a daily skincare routine

Metrosexual guys are known to have a daily routine when it comes to skincare. From lotions to moisturizers to face scrubs, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that his skin is free of pimples, dirt and blemishes.

Even if a metrosexual guy is packing bags for an overseas holiday, he is unlikely to leave the house without his favorite face scrub and sun block to protect himself from the elements.

Shaving is not just a routine for the metrosexual man. It is the art of using the best products to cause the least irritation to his skin.
Shaving is not just a routine for the metrosexual man. It is the art of using the best products to cause the least irritation to his skin.

4) His shaving routine is intricate and detailed: Shaving tools and accessories are carefully picked

Most men hate to shave but they still do it every morning to look good for work. A normal shaving routine is a no-fuss process which consists of lathering, shaving, rinsing, repeating and finished with a quick dab of aftershave.

Metrosexual guys will add their fine touch to the art of shaving by carefully choosing a shaving cream, preferably one which has aloe vera to hold the moisture in the skin. They will use a sensitive aftershave which has a soothing effect along with a carefully chosen fragrance. Choices between using manual razors and electric ones may vary, but it will definitely not be just any razor.

5) He carries a man bag

Real men carry briefcases, laptop bags, backpacks and at the most, messenger bags to carry their stuff around. When a guy carries a satchel, man bag, shoulder bag or a man purse, it is a sign that he is metrosexual.

Handbags as fashion accessories have always been a favorite with metrosexual guys. They are likely to carry leather man bags or shoulder bags in dark colors like black, maroon, dark green, burgundy, etc. Metrosexual guys will also identify themselves as straight men and not gay, by avoiding brightly colored handbags.

6) He is a bit too expressive and emotional

Metrosexual guys are known to be more emotional and expressive than the average joe, and women love this. This personality trait makes metrosexual men good listeners. It allows them to give women a run for their money when it comes to holding up animated conversations.

A deep emotional quotient is one of the things that makes metrosexual guys the unintentional charmers that they are.

From perfectly groomed beards to removing unwanted body hair - metrosexual guys take body grooming very seriously.
From perfectly groomed beards to removing unwanted body hair - metrosexual guys take body grooming very seriously.

7) He takes his body hair grooming routine very seriously

Being highly concerned about personal grooming, metrosexual guys take body hair very seriously. From perfect stubble and beards to carefully groomed chest hair, a guy's hair grooming ways are one of the dead giveaways of his personality type.

A metrosexual guy may even go to the lengths of getting his back, chest, arms or other body areas waxed. He may even consider getting permanent hair removal procedures done so that he is immaculate all the time from a body hair perspective.

8) He has a drawer or a box full of fashion accessories

When a guy has a box or a drawer full of fashion accessories, it can be certain that he is metrosexual. Apart from watches, men don't indulge too much into fashion accessories unless of course, you are talking about a guy who is into the hip-hop scene.

Bracelets, arm bands, rings, chains and meticulously picked out piercings are just some of the few accessories which will be carefully placed in a box or a drawer in a metrosexual guy's closet.

9) He is very picky about his haircuts

Typically, men aren't supposed to be too fussy about who cuts their hair. However, a metrosexual guy won't just walk into any barber shop. He will go to the trendiest hair salon his wallet can afford because he doesn't want just any barber fooling around with his hair.

He may also be complaining about how short or how long the stylist left his hair and how he will never visit the same stylist again.

The exotic appeal of wine and the art of wine tasting makes many metrosexual guys prefer it over other spirits that are considered more manly.
The exotic appeal of wine and the art of wine tasting makes many metrosexual guys prefer it over other spirits that are considered more manly.

10) He prefers wine and even has a wine rack at his apartment

A guy's taste in drinks can say a lot about his personality. Metrosexual men are known to be quite the wine connoisseurs - ranging from those who are really interested in wines to wannabes who succumb to the exotic appeal of wine tasting.

Along with a beautiful set of wine glasses, a metrosexual guy may even have an artsy wine rack which can be the perfect conversation piece when he hosts his friends at his chic apartment.

11) He would rather live in a tiny downtown apartment than a generous suburban house with a large backyard

Given the choice, some metrosexual guys are known to passionately prefer living in a cramped yet chic downtown apartment over a generous suburban home. This is not just about living in downtown – it is about a projected way of life.

For example, give a single metrosexual guy the choice of living in a tiny studio apartment in Manhattan or a spacious suburban home, he will choose the former.

12) Sometimes he is mistaken for being gay

When a straight guy is mistaken as gay, it is a sign that he is metrosexual. This will typically happen when a man's choices in fashion, grooming and overall body language mimic that of guy who is gay.

Straight metrosexual guys are sometimes even aware of the fact that their striking looks attract a glance from guys and girls. However they are comfortable in their own skin to the extent that they will dismiss being mistaken as gay as silly and amusing.

He is not likely to be spotted with unwanted hair around his brows.
He is not likely to be spotted with unwanted hair around his brows.

13) He waxes his brows or gets them plucked regularly

Known for their love of body hair grooming, a metrosexual guy is likely to have his eyebrows plucked or waxed to perfection. He will die before he is spotted with a unibrow and his eyebrows will otherwise be shaped to perfection.

Knowing that waxing eyebrows is sort of a girly thing to do, a metrosexual guy will have his brows done in a way that they look manly – slightly thick but nicely shaped with the odd hair plucked out of sight.

14) His hygiene is flawless

A metrosexual guy is generally considered extremely picky when it comes to hygiene. He will be better scrubbed up than the average joe and he will do everything it takes to drive the point home.

From keeping a hand sanitizer in his man bag to having the perfectly trimmed nails, a metrosexual man knows his hygiene like how an owl knows his hoots.

15) He would never step out without styling his hair

Hair gels are to metrosexual men like how lip color is to a girly girl. Metrosexual guys are identified by their undying attachment to hair gels, hair wax and other hair styling products.

He will never step out of the shower without styling his hair, just the way he wants it. Even his messy hair-do will be intricately planned with hair deliberately made to look unkempt in a stylish way.

Regardless of their body type, metrosexual guys are conscious about their attitude towards fitness.
Regardless of their body type, metrosexual guys are conscious about their attitude towards fitness.

16) He is conscious of his body image: Working out in different ways will be a part of his everyday routine

Metrosexual men take pride in their attitude towards their own body image. Regardless of whether they are skinny, fit, muscular or chubby, guys with a metrosexual personality will claim to be promoters of a healthy lifestyle, which includes working out.

A metrosexual guy may also be seen adopting different ways to work out other than going to the gym. This may include cycling, yoga or jogging in the park.

17) He is a self-confessed art connoisseur

Metrosexual men are generally known to be self-confessed art connoisseurs. From those who appreciate sculptures to those who have an eye for beautiful paintings, wannabe metrosexuals will often try to embrace the taste of finer things in life.

Some guys may even have a go at being amateur artists themselves by taking up arts as hobbies in the spare time.

18) He is not afraid of wearing bright colors

Metrosexual men are not afraid of completely embracing their masculinity and not let their quirky fashion choices affect their manliness. They don't fear wearing bright colors like pink and other pastel shades which other men would normally avoid.

If you spot a guy wearing a pastel v-neck t-shirt over a pair of khakis paired with boat shoes and an immaculate hair-do, you can be almost certain that he has a metrosexual side to his personality.


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