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Signs that a man is not interested on you

Updated on November 29, 2011

If you have dated a guy on a regular basis for several months now and suddenly there are some negative changes on his behavior and responses to you. There is a possibility that the guy is no longer interested on you. Here are some of the few signs that you can check on your relationship with him:

  1. He doesn’t respond on time to your text messages or just ignore it with no explanation.
  2. He doesn’t answer your call especially during the day and do not even bother to return the call. It might be that he is calling someone else and not you anymore.
  3. You are the last of his priority of the day. He would only respond to your text message or call you during midnight when he is about to dose off and you have zero communication line with him during the day. He has regarded you as the least important person in his life now.
  4. He forgets his appointment or date with you and come up with several excuses.
  5. He stops holding your hand in public places and keeps distant from you during walking.
  6. He doesn’t talk much anymore of how his day went by as he usually does before.
  7. He is emotionally unavailable when you needed him most. He is never concern about your well being.
  8. He stops asking details about you which means he is not interested in you or your life anymore.
  9. He is not 100% focus on you during your date. He looks at other women even when you are around.
  10. He is self involved and absorbed only with him. He is physically present but you know that his mind is somewhere else during your date.
  11. He stop asking you out and always makes promises that he will do next time but he never did.
  12. He stops giving you compliments and stop being nice to you.
  13. He is always busy with something else and never gives you a minute of his day.
  14. He will have time for other things but no time to spend with you.
  15. He will spend less and lesser time communicating with you on a regular basis and then suddenly stops with no communication at all.

If you are seeing some of the signs above, you better get yourself ready for a possible break up. But don’t be discourage and don’t pour your heart out to this kind of guy who is not worthy your time and love anyway. Someone better may come who is willing to share and enjoy life with you on a daily basis. Don’t settle for less but settle for the best in your love relationship. Someone out there is a perfect match for you…


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    • profile image

      Nolhie 5 years ago

      I have been dating with my fathers baby 4more than 5years & we have been staying together for for 2 years now and he never mentioned anything abt marriage,& I think maybe he does not want commit himself wit me and he only wants m to stay at home wit the kid.And when I talk abt marriage he says he doesn't have money. We are both working & I don't think that's the real reason. Please advise

    • profile image

      coolpinkypie 5 years ago

      I went on one date...the guy say he was in to me...we watched a movie..chill talk on the regular...but no sex yet...he don't call much...he never awswer the phone or respond to my texts...i can't figure him out...i think he mite not be interseted in me...ive stop calling him and texting

    • profile image

      Ava 6 years ago

      Over Christmas I meet someone he is in recovery and I am as well. Thing is he lives about 30 mins away, just building his life up, living with parents and lost custody of his 3 children who now live in another state. We have so much fun together, he has charisma, funny, upbeat. I loved being around him and for 3 weeks was bliss. Then he got so busy at work, I'm not working he'd make comments like I wish you'd understand. I mean I'm a single mother holding a roof over our heads and on top of things. I asked him after two weeks I went and saw him he told me he still wanted to be around but his proiorities are to work hard to get fines paid off. Iasked about valentines, he said does it have to be valentines, he blows off every time coming down here unless I go up there I'm heartbroken what do in say to him and what do I do?

    • profile image

      Barbra-House 6 years ago

      Cool tips but dont let paranoia ruin a perfectly good relationship, I always thought iF there is an issue talk about it before jumping the gun, also find out facts an not based on gossip or what someone said.

      No one likes getting hurt an when you do, its harder for that trust to be replaced in your next relationship, be honest and true to your self and hopefuly if your partners the same, everything should work out.

      X Barbra x

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      Luckily I have always been equipped with a sixth sense and can sense when a guy is pulling away (which rarely happens in my case), but I have known a couple of women who don't know the difference. The weird thing is these are the men they are most attached to and can't seem to see what's happening to them.

    • Jaitto Jeffrey profile image

      Jaitto Jeffrey 6 years ago

      Great tips. I once shared related topics in one of my blog http// think it could be helpful too.

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 6 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Very good tips and things to look for. You can just tell if a guy doesn't seem interested in you. All of the above behavior should be watched for and noticed immediately. Good communication is the key to a good successful relationship.