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Simple Secrets Of Great Relationships

Updated on September 24, 2011

As I started to think about this hub, I always in the past hubs, discussed marriage, getting pregnant, etc..Yet, I started to think about the things it took to have a successful relationship. I had to go back, and think about when, I was a child, how my granny, would always give me advice on how to treat a woman.

I will admit, the advice stuck with me, during my childhood, to adulthood. The very morals, and principles, I was taught, just pertinent, to treating ALL individuals with respect, when essentially, some people didn't deserve it. I began to think about what are some simple secrets to great relationships. It starts with our roots, the elderly, the senior citizens in our community, in our world. I have nothing but respect for the elderly, so much wisdom, life experiences, in their brains, and that's what my granny shared with me, and I learned from that too.

If we just take the time to listen to the seniors, listen to people, who have been married forty, even fifty years. Trust me, they are out there in our society.One comment, always sort of stands out, and they will generally say, that naysayers, would often say, that their marriage would not last. WOW, I could not imagine a family member or friend, making such a comment.

Granted, marriage is a huge commitment, and granted, the two contemplating, marriage, must be in total agreement on it. The last thing a person, or couple would need from family or friends, are negative comments.

Generally, negative advice will come from negative people, who may have not had positive experiences during a relationship, or multiple relationships for that matter. Yet the keys or the secrets to great relationship are as followed:

  • Always have respect and show love to the one that means so very much to you
  • Spend time alone and together, find that happy medium with one another
  • When you touch, hug or kiss your spouse or significant other, it should show how you feel through the act, you should feel the love he or she has at the very moment, if you don't feel anything, well, that is another story all together.
  • Learn how to have patience with each other, effective communication is the key too
  • Be willing to compromise, talk through your problems or conflicts, never demoralize your mate, no matter how angry you may feel, anger should never enter into or result in a war of nasty words being thrown between one another, those acts solve absolutely nothing at all.
  • Have a sense of humor, strong ethics, and a love for family
  • Never feel as though you are too prideful to say, " I'm sorry", " It was my mistake", etc..
  • Understand that the two of you may have differences, understand those differences
  • Show appreciation for the little things that you do for each other, take nothing for granted
  • Never go to bed angry at the one you love, Say goodnight to each other, seal it with affection or with a kiss
  • Remember, it is not how hard you try to maintain a healthy relationship, it is the effort you put fort to constantly improving it
  • Never feel like you are in a competition with one another
  • Don't feel like you need to be bound to tradition as it pertains to relationships and marriage , try to be less rigid, learn how to be flexible
  • Never judge each other based, on one's past relationships, never compare past relationships to your present one
  • Financial disagreements will occur, trust me, it happens in over more than half of ALL relationships
  • Don't let secrets eat you up
  • Last but not least, LEAVE YOUR WORK AT WORK!!! In other words, don't bring it home.

These are just a few simple secrets, I am not an expert, by any means. In relationships, we all fall short, but these are some simple things we can keep in mind, when it comes to maintaining and nurturing a healthy relationship.

I learned a lot from my granny and elderly friends as well, the elderly deserve our respect, our love, and I admirer them for committing themselves to one person, that he or she wanted to spend, and share the rest of their life with as well. It is totally astonishing to know, that seniors hold the knowledge and keys or secrets to maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship. It can be done, it is attainable.

I will end this hub by saying, always seek out the elderly for advice, they are an untapped resource of wisdom and knowledge, especially, when it comes to giving or sharing their wisdom on how to maintain healthy marriages.relationships or both. GOOD LUCK!!


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