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Tips for a Lasting Relationship

Updated on February 7, 2011

hold on

i'm not letting you go...
i'm not letting you go...

Lasting relationship?

Here are simple tips for a lasting relationship

  • Honesty-->> Ofcourse honesty is a must! Every single day of your life with your partner must be filled with full of honesty..Start even in simple things like, the way your partner dress, the smell of his/her breath, the way he/she look, etc. Do not cheat you partner!!even if he/she does not check or browse your cellphone, don't ever cheat on him/her..
  • Humility-->> In a relationship arguments can not be avoided. If both of you are angry and yelling at each other, then how can you solve your problem. Do not wait for your partner to swallow first his/her pride. If both of you are waiting who's white flag falls first--nothing will happen. If your partner is arguing with you and you think he/she will not accept your point at that moment, don't ever walk away!!Don't fight or shout back..Just listen.. Your partner will just be tired arguing with no one. There's no person arguing with him/her own self anyway.
  • Surprises-->>Sometimes both of you gonna feel bored doing routines. Atleast try different things. Surprise your partner with a flowers or chocolates even if there's no occassion. It will mean a lot to your partner, believe me!!You don't have to wait for an occassion to come to give gifts..If you don't usually cook, then do it for your partner..It will highly be highly appreciated!!Make love notes, this may sound teenager like...but hey!this sometimes touch a heart...
  • Adventure-->>Do unusual things together..GO ziplining, scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc..Do memorable things together to atleast spice up your relationship..
  • Stay close to God-->>Don't ever forget to let our God almighty guide your relationship. Because everything will go on smoothtly and easy if He is with you..


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