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Simple Ways On How To Know Your True Identity

Updated on April 17, 2015

Know Yourself

Understanding Self Value

The most incredible situation a man could find himself in is a situation of not knowing who he is. Your true identity is not shown by the name you bear or your nativity. I feel sad some times when I see people and nations claiming superiority over others due to skin color. In that kind of situation I ask myself if color truly constitute the identity of someone!

Most people spend lots of money to create a false identity, an identity totally different from what they were supposed to be. I would call that a delusion.

A true identity does not need any form of struggle to be established. It only involves acquiring the basic knowledge that will open the mind of your understanding to know who you really are.

An army officer, a police officer or other police officers of the allied forces in a nation do not need to blow a trumpet to inform everyone who they are. On sighting them in their uniform, no matter how familiar you may be with that officer, there will be a consciousness that comes to your mind that he belongs to a force and you must accord him the due respect that goes with the force because you must have already known that his identity comes from the binding law of the land.

On the other hand, the officer being conscious of his identity disciplines himself to live in accordance with the law that gave him the authority. He also upholds the tenets of the force and lives in integrity so that his conduct will not constitute a disgrace to the force.

Your true identity does not come by announcing to the world who you think you are, neither does it come through pretense of who you want people to believe you are. No matter how hard you may try to keep your true identity, it will unveil itself one day.

Discovering your true identity starts at the point where you develop the inner desire to know who God truly is and who He wants you to be. You may be struggling to be like a particular kind of person, but as long as it’s not what God has designed you to become, your efforts will end in producing a false identity of yourself.

I welcome you to this voyage of discovering your real and true identity. You may have been seeing yourself as ordinary, but hear this; there is no person created by God who is ordinary.

You may feel ordinary because you have not activated the seed of God inside of you. In that seed lays your purpose of existence and destiny. The live of many people have been attached to yours; if you fail they will fail, but if you succeed, they will succeed too. Therefore, remaining where you are has the implication of retarding the growth and movement of many generations.

This is who you are; a chosen generation, a royal priest hood, a holy nation a peculiar personality called out of darkness into Gods marvelous life for destiny fulfillment.


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