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Simple Ways To Make People Accept You

Updated on September 15, 2012

Ways To Make People Accept You

The simplest thing a person has is the desire for acceptance. The knowledge of that acceptance is the basis to having and keeping meaningful relations with a variety of people.

Many publishings on have been created to facilitate the role of teaching people such as you about the many methods of communicating with people and also about how to build sustainable relationships with those individuals. Fortunately there are a lot of methods that can be used to help you to associate with others.

One such methods is “making someone feel like you accept them.” It is sometimes said that a man’s basic desire is often to be accepted as part of a group. Men can feel like they belong when they are accepted in smaller groups such as friends and family, and also in much larger groups such as a team or a party or some sort.

We sometimes have the need to feel like we belong. One method in which to let someone know that their ideas are accepted is to listen to what they have to say. By listening you are telling that person that you value their opinions and suggestions. That tends to answer a very simplistic desire to be apart of and something and gives a feeling of worth.

In the beginning of life, a baby can feel a need to be accepted by its mom’s loving embrace and protection. And as he ages then other relatives will continue to provide a since of belonging as well. We all have a need for inclusion. That meaning fosters acceptance in people’s lives.

Just think about living your life without ever having the feeling that you are wanted. Think about those infants who parents didn’t want them at birth. Can you begin to imagine how that child will fair in this world knowing that they were not wanted? This could lead to that child acting out and lashing out due to feelings of abandonment and rejection. They will often feel as if they are always being discriminated against and as a result they will many times turn to violence as an outlet for built up anger that those feelings are causing them.

A child that grows up with a sense of resentment will tend to lash out with hostility as a result of a long period of time where those emotions have built up. So it is important to see how simply accepting someone can child their life for the better. When someone is accepted it has to be an unconditional thing. There should not be any expectations of repayment. By expecting something in return you are simply voiding the purpose of making others accept you. So you must be willing to accept everything that they bring to the table. This will not only result in positive results but also in acceptance from others.


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