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Single Mom Lessons

Updated on May 31, 2015

Being a single Mom has a lot of learning experiences along the way. I think every girl should live alone for a while so they don't fall into the "who can help me" trap. I lived alone from 17 to 18 years old and that was it. I always had my little brother to ask fot help in any of my weak moments. As we grew older it gets harder to find time to ask my brother for that kind of help anymore.

So when I became a single Mom the troubles of doing all the "man" chores never came to my mind. When I first moved into my new place I looked like I had been hurt with all the bruises from moving furniture. I was so overwhelmed with other things that all the little things never came to mind. If only I had a book about all the tricks to make this easier for single Mom's.

It first started when I had to open a jar of spaghetti sauce and the lid was stuck on. I would normally ask my husband to please open for me and this time I had nobody stronger to ask. I learned to tap on the lid or take a knife and pull on the side of the lid a little and it would open. This was the first day I realized I won't be able to do everything. It's tough to be limited by my strength and just uneducated facts about how to get things done easier. It was a small moment when I wondered how in the world was I going to do all of this.

Then we have the lawnmower and let me tell you the lawnmower and I have had our issues. When I first moved in it was only a few weeks that the lawnmower was needed. I tried to hold down the handles and pull the string and nothing would happen. So that seasons war ended with my kicking it and putting it in the shed for the winter. So spring is here and I had a forest of a yard so I knew my enemy had to come out of the shed and cut the grass.

I pulled the lawnmower out and looked for the button I remembered my husband pushing on our lawnmower and it didn't have one. Then I realized it needs gas so I got the can out and filled her up. So I tried again pulling the cord and holding the bar down and still nothing. My nice neighbor came out and showed me how to start it and I was very greatful. In the middle of mowing it died and here I was helpless again wondering can I start it? So I pulled and pulled then the sweet sound of the motor starting happened. I finished the yard and felt very empowered that I could now cut my grass all by myself now.

These things may sound silly to some people but the little things I never had to do I'm learning to do. I can now cut grass, open jars, move heavy furniture and figure out the million different settings on the television. I wish I would have learned these things years ago but I'm sure glad that I'm learning it now. I know one day one of my daughters will call me and I can sure tell them how to start that lawnmower or the tricks to moving heavy furniture and that feels great!


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