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Single and Happy Woman? Yes, It’s Possible

Updated on February 18, 2010


1. If it feels good, it is right. Never blame yourself for your desires. Enjoy life and the things that make you happy.

2. Feeling depressed and uneasy for some time is ok. Express your grief openly. Hiding your feelings will slow down the recovery process.

3. Your friends are there for you. Talk to them and keep them seriously involved in your life.

Let’s face it – most of us ladies fear immensely being single. A single status signifies yet another failure, yet another Prince Charming who turned out to be simply… a frog. Does it have to be that way?

Most people are afraid of being alone and prefer staying in unhappy relationships rather than being on their own.

Yet, the pain and sorrow of another failed love will sooner or later be over. Once this happens, you can start enjoying your life and doing all those things that you missed while in a relationship. Being single has its benefits too.

Spend time with your friends

When was the last time you enjoyed a night out with your friends? Or a girl party? Most people in a relationship lack significant the time needed to spend with friends. Finding the balance between the man you love and the ladies in your life could sometimes be difficult.

Use all the time you will now have available to reconnect with friends. Think of the people you have seen long time ago, think of your closest friends. Go clubbing or to fancy dinners. Take walks together or simply go out for afternoon shopping. It is up to you now.

Use your freedom to go to the places that you have longed to see but never had a chance to.

It can be a small trip to a nearby city or a very exotic destination. The decision is up to you and nobody will be there to tell you that the idea is insane and childish.

Take a short trip for a start or if possible – get a week-long vacation to travel and get acquainted with new places and people.

Rediscover the art of flirting. When was the last time you did that?

Flirting will make you feel rejuvenated and sexy. The fact that you are single should never affect your confidence. Get back in the game and rediscover what a flirt is all about.

You will initially feel uneasy doing it. It will take you some time to start feeling ok with being seductive. Don’t worry, you have all the time you need to rediscover how pleasurable the art of flirting is.

Redecorate your house
If you want to give your new life a fresh start, begin redecorating your house. You can introduce radical changes if you want to forget about past experiences – probably too many memories have piled up with your old furniture and decorations.

Get rid of all items that trouble you. Repaint the walls, reorder the furniture. If you are able to, purchase new furniture. Change is always beneficial, if you are doing it with the right intentions.

Pamper yourself
Use some of the leisure time available to pamper yourself. Give your body and soul all the beauty and relaxation procedures that they have craved.

Go for a massage.

Have your manicure and pedicure done.

Visit a nearby spa center for a series of relaxing and beautifying treatments. You can give yourself spa treatment at home, as well. Buy essential oils, body lotions, scented candles and other cosmetic products you have wanted to try. Spend a weekend at home, relaxing, listening to your favorite music and rejuvenating your body.

Being single gives you a chance to enjoy yourself immensely. Do not waste that chance feeling sad and depressed. Each stage in life has its specific and should be accepted as something natural. Being single can be pleasurable, as long as you want it to be such.


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