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Single and Looking for Love

Updated on February 27, 2013

Single and Looking for Love

Single and Looking for Love
Single and Looking for Love | Source

Looking For Love

Single,and Looking for Love

Remember an old country song about being single,and looking for love in all the wrong places, well finding love in all the wrong places could be a title .Suppose you are a strong willed, ambitious and career oriented woman who is looking for love, but men seem unwilling to fall for your type? Well here in lies the song again. If looking for love wouldn't it be great to make him fall head over heals and you’re going to find ways of you primping and winning his love. Most women that are searching in the wrong places for love is not seeking just a sexual partner, Are you looking for love and finding a monster instead? Then if you are tired of seeking onward to finding him to fall hopelessly in love, there are things you can accomplish .Looking for love and feeling when you fall in love are far different. There are sparks that fly all by ways of being in love and, if you are looking for love, romance, commitment, a proposal and possible marriage, then maybe your looking to hard. Take it easy on yourself and let it ride. Unless of course, you have ever felt like you are looking for love in all of the wrong places, start looking for love in different places or establishments. Maybe you just got out of a bad relationship and if you have been dumped, or may still be in love with your former ex-boyfriend or husband. Then maybe a night out with your girlfriends and a bit of dancing is at hand.

There are times when you are at the wrong places trying to find this man, just not locating him, does not mean your blind, he may be there. The guy you’re looking for, that special someone to fall in love with and whisk you into romance.All the while you’re numb to this at this instance. You may have preconceived your objective is to make a guy fall in love with you and make him commit to you. The when and if question will come up once you are looking for love, romance, and a commitment

Once you find that when two hearts fall in love, it always bridges the gaps between you and the man when you fall in love, you are delighted and require yourself to make your feelings and emotional status from the sky fall out of emotionally intense relationships. These relationships reign rather, there are numerous other people who are just like you who require finding someone nice to date and possibly fall in love feel the same way. To be frank don’t be so hard on yourself singing that old line from that old song, "Looking for love in all wrong places". The fact is you are trying to hard in the right places. Therefore, there are going to be instances where things may just fall into place for you and these are real loves, the unexpected times in all the wrong places possibly. Start possibly looking for love in the midst of chemistry as a way for searching for a lover in all the wrong places, because like I said , they may be the right places you are searching in.


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