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Single at 25

Updated on October 8, 2012

If you are in your mid 20's and single you may have heard "Why are you still single?" or "I would like to see you with someone." Those words can get you boiled up inside.

There is nothing wrong with being 25 and single. It just means that you have not found the right one yet. It also means that you are not settling.

People who got married and had kids early or have been in long term relationships for a long time may put pressure on the single ones. They aren't out there and seeing that finding a good guy/girl can be tough. If you find someone who is single or has been hurt a lot they could relate to you more.

Just because you are single now doesen't mean that next year you will be. We all find the love at different times. Love is out there for everyone. Never settle because you won't be happy. You might also miss out on the guy who is your type because you settled for the wrong one. So have faith and when it is meant to happen it will happen.


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    • BaVonni Sampson profile image

      Ba'Vonni 5 years ago from Nonexistent place..(I wonder where that is)

      I hate that, almost everyone that's close to me ask the same questions. I'm only 23 and it drives me up the wall.