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Single in a world of couples

Updated on May 18, 2013

After going to several weddings, one from my cousin and one of a girl who goes to church, I have come to realize that sometimes it is good to have someone but sometimes not everyone is ready to have someone in their life. At one point, sometimes going to the wedding made me sad because of how happy the couple looked but at the same time I knew that my time would come.

It takes time to meet that someone special in your life sometimes. We have to go through many relationships at times to be able to find the one we finally marry. However, if you don't always meet that special someone who makes your heart beat and stomach flutter, it makes one wonder if it is worth waiting.

I have found out even if a person can be married they don't always really love the person they are with. I know a friend of mine who only married because he was getting into his thirties and he wanted to have someone in his life so he married the first person who would say yes to him. That kind of situation is a little sad because even now one can see that he isn't as happy as one should be when they marry the one they truly love.

I, myself, have gone out a few times with a few guys but inside I didn't feel anything. When it comes to situations like this, sometimes it is better to be single because one day that feeling of love will come and for the right person. This is a good time to really enjoy not have to depend on others and at the same time have some fun before marriage happens and then children come changing your life for the better. Who doesn't enjoy a girls night out and not having anyone to call someone to tell them where they are.

Living in a world where couples are walking around and holding hands can be a little sad, but this can help us single people realize what we will have one day in our future. This isn't the time to feel sad and depressed, we should be happy and enjoy our days waiting for that great future ahead of us with that someone special.


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