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Sirens Destroy Men

Updated on November 30, 2016

Sirens Beautiful Song

The Trophy

Today’s sirens still exist today luring men to their demise if drawn to their deceitful lures. Beautiful but dangerous often describes the lure of those that captivate with beauty of shapely bodies. In the words of two women married for a number of years, the promise of constant candy is a methodology used by predators. For those without the ability to govern their desire for beautiful objects, sexual urges, promise of sexual gratification, and admiration of others for your “trophy” can be alluring. The only problem is the cost.

Typically Sirens aren’t known for their intelligence, mental stability, business knowledge, loyalty, class, family values, or dedication to their significant other. Truth is sirens are often passed around among men of certain financial success or arenas in attempt to obtain financial wealth. A woman that compromises her principles, morals, values (if they were raised with any) displays lack of loyalty for the goal of financial benefit. She is loyal to no one accept herself in the end. It is not wise to wrap your heart around someone constantly displaying herself for sale as if featured on a high scale back page. Sirens feed off sympathy and often the appearance of genuine behavior. Be aware their hearts are far from beautiful and their effects are life debilitating to those that are lured by their beauty and sexual promiscuity.

The Good Book

The good book of wisdom, Proverbs 7, warns of the importance of avoiding sirens/evil temptresses:

“I looked among the naïve young men and noticed among the youth, one who had no sense. He was crossing the street at her corner and walked down the path to her house……all of a sudden a woman approaches him, dressed like a prostitute and with a cunning mind. She is noisy and defiant –her feet don’t stay long in her own house.” (CEB version)

Momma always said if you lean over in a boat to pull someone out of the water it’s easier for you to be pulled down into the water. If you love yourself and respect women you will become wise enough not to let the lure of beauty and sexual promiscuity govern your choices. You plan the mother of your children, the peaceful household you desire, and the quality of life you deserve by your actions. Love, joy, happy family is possible but not with a siren. Drama, unrealistic expectations, untrust-worthy, selfish, deceitful –chaos and destruction follows them wherever they go.

You haven’t experienced hell until you are linked with the wrong person. Men are financially destroyed, families destroyed and devastated when one engages in interaction with these damned souls. Men have lost savings, property, investments, financial security, and destroyed their class levels and reputations. To those stuck like chuck good luck with the women that would rather post your children fulfilling negative stereotypes/ignorant behavior on worldstar. You are not going to get loving mother dedicated to cultivating the intellectual capabilities of your children.



For the men that find themselves addicted to sirens seek help. Talk to older men that have a good family life w/their wives and children. Learn what the wiser generation knew and learn the reason why they feel that way. Old men used to tell their son’s: there are women and lay with and women you marry –know the difference.

For the men hurt by sirens take responsibility. You saw that train coming no woman (true in life) goes from angel to 100% devil overnight. When you think about it you saw many signs of deceit, manipulation, dishonesty, and trifling behavior would never be directed towards you. As a man/woman thinketh-so is he/she. Stop punishing good women for the foolishness you choose to engage in at the time. Know a good woman when you see her-it’s not about perfection-it’s about authenticity, character, values, and purpose in life. Any woman that’s looking for someone to constantly rescue them is exhibiting mental deficiency. A woman that seeks to build with you will seek to discover your values/morals/character rather than how you can financially keep them afloat. Broke people lack loyalty. Let me say this again0broke people lack loyalty. They can only be trusted so much when they will do anything to eat or keep the lights on. Men stop believing you should be used/devalued. Maybe your home life wasn’t the greatest maybe you were never loved, maybe you were abused or molested, verbally abused as a child or lack self-esteem. You deserve someone who loves you for you not just for what you have. You deserve someone that will be happy to dance in the living room with you while having dinner at home. You deserve someone you can trust that has value for you and respect for herself shown by actions and attire. For those of you that have fell victim to the game and continue to do so-good luck with that. Feel free to provide a before and after pictures of your demise. For the rest of you-good luck on your happy love journey.

To Women Dealing W/bitter men with Siren issues-Get Closure


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