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Why People Choose Skype Counseling.

Updated on May 7, 2012
I also offer person to person counselling.
I also offer person to person counselling.
Recent photo of me.
Recent photo of me.

Examples Below

Sarah. "I am just too busy. I like to think of myself as a self-made entrepreneuring business woman but it's not easy being a single mum too. Teenage children issues were the main reason I started out with online counseling but now I can confide about other things too. The time factor is probably the most important. Plus there is no extra costs like petrol. And I'm in the house too where the kids are."

Anthony, a young man aged 18, and struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. "Living in a very small town with only one or two counsellors made it virtually impossible to find someone whom I could relate to. Especially as one of the counsellors was my ex-headmaster's wife! Skype counselling gave me a means to look further afield to find someone whom I could engage well with."

Ricki. "I don't like people knowing my business and struggled to find anyone local whom I felt I could relate to or would be willing to open up to. Skype counselling opened up an avenue that had not existed for me before. Certain things can be shared with your wife but not everything. And counselling at the local surgery was not an option for me. On line counselling works for me and I have learnt a lot about myself. I even felt ok to recommend my online therapist to an old school mate I facebook."

Danny. Cross-dresser."I liked the idea of being counselled in my own house. I can wear what I want and still talk openly and comfortably and how I found the whole thing very beneficial. To be able to discuss issues in the privacy and safety of my own house is a real relief. No one hassling me or judging me. The safety and security of online counselling is paramount for me.

Patricia. "As someone who is virtually housebound with rheumatism, traditional counselling was a non-starter for me. A friend mentioned online therapy and whilst initially dubious, I soon saw the advantages. A free introductory session opened up a whole new avenue of help and I have been so blessed by what has happened since. I wish I'd thought a long time ago."

Pete. "I didn't have what some people would call any serious issues in my life. Just wanted to touch down with someone outside of my immediate circle to talk about which way my life was heading. I found Ron online and he has become almost like a friend. Counselling online has become just as usual to me as talking in the same room. The fact that we are 350 miles away does make it seem a little bizarre - but it works for me."

B."As a closet lesbian in a heterosexual marriage with three children, I was desperate for some emotional support outside of my marriage. I still love my husband dearly and don't want to leave and break the family up. On line therapy works for me when my husband is at work and the kids are at school. I always look forward to my regular monthly session but when desperate, have 'one-off' emergency sessions."

Sally. Marriage counselling online. "I live in a small community where everyone kmows everyone and most people know too much about everyone else! We wanted someone to be able to put a perspective on what was going wrong, without interfering, being nosey and offering well meaning but helpful advice. We found online counseling was the perfect solution. It made it more affordable too as we didn't have to arrange child care. Now every second Thursday evening, for this season of our life, we have an hour online marriage counselling. The best thing we ever did. Well done Skype!"

Bridget."It works for me. Busy mum, busy housewife, busy XYZ. It saves me time and I can fit it in with my schedule. I find my weekly session invaluable and my husband sees the benefits for me too. It helps me to get a sense of perspective of who I am and what I'm all about. The online counsellor I finally found was one of three I tried."

Lesley. Dealing with years of abusive relationships. "Having someone to open up to has made big changes in my life. Where I live, this sort of therapy wasn't available. Or if it was, I certainly hadn't come across it. Counselling online has helped me to sort my issues out in a way where there was no pressure to perform. The only pressure was learning how a webcam worked! Once that was sorted, I was away!"

Mark. Broken leg whilst playing sport. "To be honest, I could get to see a face to face counsellor but I put a lot of effort into getting to physio, other team meetings and attending lectures still. Online counselling is something I can do at my own pace and in the peace and quiet of my own room. I don't particularly want other students to know and so it also avoids potentially embarrassing questions of where I might be going to."

Jackie. "I felt I had some issues which I needed to sort out re my relationship, but struggled to tell my partner as I was scared about their response. Therapy online has helped me sort things out and I now feel free to discuss things with my partner - even if it means there is a chance we break up. I'm glad I have the opportunity to do it online as we struggle with the time and distance to get places because of where we live."

You can find out more about my online counseling service, and read testimonials from people that I have helped by visiting my website at The initial counseling session is free, so there is no risk or cost on your part.

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