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Small Town Closeted

Updated on July 28, 2014

A little background on myself. I am a straight man from a rural community in southwestern Ontario, I have no religious ties or beliefs, nor was i raised with racist, or prejudice parents, my home town is a small one, and as far as i can tell it hasn't changed much in a century.

Now to many this topic may come across as uncomfortable to read, let alone discuss, homosexuality has been considered an atrocity, misinterpreted in the masses and considered a crime against nature. People for years have used the bible as their crutch as they shouted from the roof tops, condemning all of those who committed such acts against god. I walk down the streets and still hear the same slurs, as if nothing has changed since i graduated high school nearly a decade ago. Has nothing changed? Have we not evolved at all? I truly wish i had the answer. We are in an era in which social media has given a voice to everyone who has the desire to share their opinions and beliefs, it has affected change, and awareness for many causes around the globe, but as we’ve seen with every great platform throughout history there will always be those who use it as a soapbox to which they can voice racist, homophobic, and prejudice comments directed at individuals or the masses. Many times stuff that they would never say to anyone in person. They hide behind their “handle” or “alias” using it as a shield, protecting them from any repercussions, all while their victims suffer. I have had the great pleasure of meeting some extraordinary people throughout my life that i am proud to call my friends. They just happen to be gay. Does it make them any different than any other person from the straight community? No. They have the same jobs as us, pay the same taxes, drive the same cars. They teach at our schools, they are our doctors, our lawyers, even our favourite pro athletes. So why is it that even in our integrated and self proclaimed “accepting” society that they still feel afraid to disclose their true sexual orientation. Do they not deserve to be accepted, be happy, give and receive love the way everybody should deserve to? How is that fair? How is that just? We may feel as if we are an open, accepting, and inclusive nation, and we may be, but ask yourself this, why is it that hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens are still afraid to be who they really are.

Marc Parizeau


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