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Small talk in our own way

Updated on December 7, 2010

Children and conversation

Dialog and conversations

Some are natural and very good at it when it comes to communication and establishing meaningful dialog with others and some are reserved and have a more difficult time of it. Our level of comfort in social situations plays a big part in how we interact with others and communicate. As part of our curriculum in school we are taught the fundamentals of language and writing skills so we can effectively express ourselves and learn to speak and write to convey our thoughts, ideas, needs, dreams, visions, hopes and goals. We all start out totally dependent on others and our very survival is placed in the hands of our parents and caregivers when we are born into the world.

Our first form of communication with the world is in the form of crying the moment we take our first breath and are exposed to the outside from inside our mother's womb where we were in a very safe and protected place. We are now living separate from our mother as an infant completely vulnerable and totally dependent. At this stage in our early life our crying is our only form of communication which is essential and our mother's gentle touch and humming can calm us. Mother's will gently rock their infant child and sing very softly to them to help calm them and ease their discomfort and stop their tears.

As a baby reaches the age of 2 they start to develop more skills in how they communicate with their parents and will develop language and speech and it is exciting when they start saying words. It is a fun time seeing your child developing their personality and starting to talk and get about. Life for a parent and their child forever changes at that moment in time. As parents we are always concerned with our child's development and their attaining traditional milestones. We anticipate their continual progress and monitor them for every new achievement they make.

We all find comfort in gentle voices and calming reassurances when we are having a difficult time that everything will be ok. A mother always seems to know the right things to say and can ease a child's worries and fears by listening to them and gently speaking words of wisdom, comfort and love. It is something a mother knows instinctively and she takes great joy in sharing this with her child and providing them with encouragement, hope and inspiration.

All children develop and grow at their own pace and it seems that some children learn and develop skills more easily than others and they become more confident and expressive. As these children flourish there are others that struggle and need to be encouraged and supported so they can learn and find ways of dealing with their difficulties and challenges. Some children face struggles with shyness, others with speech impediments, others with behavioral and mood disorders and others with autism. It is with compassion, dedication, devotion and courage that a parent, a teacher, a friend reach a child and show them the way and help them to achieve success and believe in themselves.

The time from infancy to early adulthood is quite a ride and it is filled with so many life experiences and each and every one of them have an effect on how we live and develop as individuals. We learn to express ourselves and meet everyday life with an internal compass that guides us and shows us how we should live and conduct ourselves. We learn to communicate and carry on conversations in our world we grow up in out of necessity and in the normal stages of our development it is essential that we strive to be true to ourselves and live our lives to do our very best and always make an effort to be free with our thoughts and ideas and find suitable ways to express them. For it is only one life that we live and we best get on living it for when it comes to an end it is no more. 

Life is conversation and conversation is life!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Small talk, cutie pie!

Baby talk


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    • Mandeeadair profile image


      8 years ago from California

      Great Hub!


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