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Smart Women Marry Rich

Updated on October 7, 2015

Ivana & Marla Married Trump & Moved Into Easy Street

Always Be In Control If You Want to Marry Rich

It's a matter of analyzing one's self and knowing what one is capable of and what is truly desired out of life. Many women want a rich man so that they don't have to work and can stay at home having babies. Others will want a rich guy to provide an exciting lifestyle or to boost her own career and finances. Whatever the reason is, you need to be analytical and calculating to win a rich man.

Most wealthy men are very defensive when it comes to marrying a woman. They will not simply decide that it would be nice to have kids and take the woman they are currently dating down the isle because "its time" to be like everyone else and settle down. A rich man will be more content will who he is and not feel a need to get hitched with just anyone, instead he may go through numerous women, rejecting them emotionally after a few dates repeatedly for many years and never feel the need to "pick one."

Because it is so easy for these men to get women, they don't see a tremendous value attached to anyone simply because she is a woman and she is available. Their attitude will be more on the level of, "there's plenty of fish in the sea", and "there is no rush." You must look your best and be your best to win a rich man. That means you must always observe rule number one which is never sleep with a guy until you have been around him for at the very least 4 months. The longer you hold out, the better it will be for you throughout your relationship. Don't make the mistake of trying to show him how sexy you are. Sexy women who flop over are a dime a dozen. You must make yourself stand out from the crowd of ever ready women who are willing to give up their goods after just 48 hours of being in a man's company. Once you have given it up you can never take it back and your relationship will change dramatically. The reason that there are so many unwed women these days is for this reason exactly. The guy has no respect for the woman and is still thinking that he can do better. Yes, that is what a guy thinks when he tells you that he is not ready to settle down. It can be simply translated as, "I don't want to settle down with you because I may meet someone better."

Back in the 1960s and 1970s the young Donald Trump was handsome and rich. He was the catch of the 70s with a string of starlets and models running after him. Trump had his fun and quickly moved on to other things without feeling emotionally motivated my anyone until he met Ivanna.

We Can Learn Something From Ivana Trump

Ivana was a beautiful woman no doubt, but Donald Trump was surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world. So what made Donald want to marry Ivana while he was in his prime? She was educated and sophisticated as well as in the process of pursuing her dreams. Ivana was a top notch skier who was olympic class and on her way to a bright future with or without Donald. This is a rare combination for any woman, but even for a guy in Donald Trump's position. He had no choice but to be swept off his feet. He could basically take his pick of women who simply looked good or a woman who looked good and had something to say and could hold her own. Trump has since given into ego and image, marrying with prenuptial agreements. This is only because his wife is now no longer a wife in the normal sense but an extension of his ego. These girls know exactly how much money they will get out of him from the start, and they don't interfere with Trump's business life at all. Ivana on the other hand, was CEO of Trump's enterprises, which provided her with great experience that she was able to use after her years with the Donald.

To win Trump these days it is a matter of looking good and making the deal, but to have won Trump when he was young took some serious planning.

Always have at least one hobby that you are passionate about. Rich men always pursue their hobbies with a passion, often to the exclusion of everything, and everyone else. You will be much more mysterious and appealing if you have things you are interested in too. A guy hates a girl who is clinging to him day and night, unable to entertain herself. If you are busy with things that interest you he will be more likely to come to you rather than you chasing him.

Besides having your passion it is very wise for you to make every effort to become as financially strong as possible. A woman who is making an effort to be a rich girl without the assistance of a man is both appealing and a challenge. If you read about investing and earning money you will have insight into his world and at the same time you will not feel as financially needy. Even the richest men get tired of women who are clinging to their arm and asking for Louis Vuitton. Read The Millionaire Next Door or Rich Dad Poor Dad to get your brain channelled the way his is.

Anna Nicole Smith Married a Millionaire

Anna Nicole Married Billionaire

Always put yourself on a pedestal when speaking of yourself. All a man needs is the slightest inkling that you don't value yourself and he will trash you with it.

Many women complain about their weight constantly, or they act inferior to other women. This is basically telling a guy that you are nothing because you see yourself as a pile of junk who would be lucky to have a man. When a rich guy catches wind of this he will short change you.

A not very beautiful woman can make a man thinks she is tops by simply telling him so. Don't laugh, I have witnessed it.

Let me tell you the story of Dawn.

Dawn was a pretty girl. Not a Gene Tierney, Eva Gardner, or Marilyn Monroe, but a better than average looking woman. She was also very sly. She never missed an opportunity to tell the men in her life that other men swoon over her. She was not clumsy about it, and did it in such an off handed way that they believed her. I actually watched a truly beautiful girl go on a skiing trip with Dawn and Dawn ended up with a trail of men following her. Why? because she slyly flirted with them. The prettier girl ignored the guys and snubbed them entirely while Dawn turned their way and then as the drew close-she turned her back and pretended that she had not invited it. Dawn did not let the incident go without letting the men hear of it. All the guys could say was, "Dawn was in trouble because all they men were chasing her on the slopes." I was there and said, "she invited the guys and flirted, Kim is a goddess and was standing right next to her, why didn't the men hound her?" My answer, nauseating as it was, "men are attracted to Dawn because she just has something, guys always chase her." Well, who do you think told them that men always chase her?

Mind you, these are not stupid men buy definition. Dawn was a nurse and these were Doctors and other business owners. Dawn owned them all. Where most women are modest, Dawn embellished her beauty with exaggerating stories of her conquests. When men think that other men want you they will want you. That is a fact. If you look like a goddess and run yourself down, a guy will think that for some reason other men don't find you attractive and that only he, for some reason, finds you attractive. Beauty, and the level of how beautiful a man thinks you are can actually be manipulated.You can make a guy think you are prettier than you are by simply acting like a great catch.

When choosing your rich man, I will assume that you are looking for someone you can have a successful marriage with. Not just simply do an Anna Nicole Smith, and marry a rich guy who is about to die. That takes another type of woman all together. There is no quality of life being married to a billionaire who you have nothing in common with. Remember that if you marry rich, marry smart.


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    • GlendaGoodWitch profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      Thank you Ranzi.

      I agree with you that many rich men do not make good partners, however, for the woman who wants wealth and just does not have what it takes to go out there and make it on her own, she may just have what it takes to marry into money. Many women rely on men for support and if a woman has decided to take that particular road, being with a man of great wealth very often is the better route than marrying a poor guy.

      Thanks for the visit.

    • Ranzi profile image

      Cut The Bullshit 

      6 years ago from All Over

      Okay another nice hub for those women who are looking to find a rich husband.

      From my experience very wealthy men don't make good partners as they have all the money in the world for high end prostitutes, drugs, gambling and having anything they want. They have a higher ratio of being unfaithful as well and many times they will use their status as a power trip. (This is a generalisation, but I have seeing this sort of thing more often than not seeing it) I might add feeling like a a kept women is not a good feeling. At the same time to think that people out there are seeing as objects and to be used for something is quite disturbing. Any man who flaunts his job and wealth is insecure, if that's the only way he can attract a women. And same goes for any women who goes for a man based on his wealth must be shallow, and have no depth to look into a person's heart and soul rather than the material things.

      In saying all this, I did really enjoy your hub, it was very interesting and clear. I have voted it up and interesting and shared it with all my followers.

    • profile image

      S.Rishi Varma 

      6 years ago

      Hi,friends i am 26 years old and i am single,so i am searching for a rich girl to marry,so i am an Indian who is well cultured one,so my parents have passed away nearly a year back,so want to know more about me then for only Ladies call me-9962139342,ok friends.

    • GlendaGoodWitch profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      Thank you ladydeonne-

      I am writing from an experience point of view and a research point of view. I married a rich man when I was 17, and then married an even richer man at 24. After tiring of him, I decided to start a business of my own, and I then married a man who is successful, but not super rich, though he has the potential to be. He happens to have just started a new business, so we will see....

      When I was with my second husband I could not help but take note of the attitude of my husband and the men he associated with. Alpha males are different and can be very hard to get. I then noted some of my girlfriends who wanted to get a guy who could show them a good time and basically take care of them. I could always see how these women would fail in their efforts. I always point out that these guys are often a lot of fun, but when it comes down to it, you better be ready for some childish temper tantrums.

      Yes, Trump was very handsome back in the day, its hard to see him that way now. Thank you for the vote up...

    • ladydeonne profile image

      Deonne Anderson 

      6 years ago from Florence, SC

      Interesting article. Are you writing from an experience point of view, as in are you married to a rich man, or, are you writing from a research point of view. Donald trump's story was amazing. He certainly did look much etter when he was younger. An enjoyable read. Voted up and useful.


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