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So Here We Are... And There We Where.

Updated on March 5, 2015

"True love doesn't mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes" - Unknown

I carry her in my heart... always. She is the reason that when I look to the Sun, I am smiling because I can feel her there with me. A huge purpose for my inspirations, encouraging my mind to flow freely, my heart to feel deeply, my soul to be eternally connected finally for the first time in my life. The reason that the moon has become such a beautiful center piece to our surrounding, because everywhere you go, when you look up... you're still seeing the same thing.

It should be a given, to want to see growth in the one that you adore. Right up close, is a beautiful thing. However, when there is distance and space... it must also work the same way. While there are many things in life to balance... work, home, family, love.... we must never forget, that it is also super import to balance ones self.

Alone time, with no distractions. Meditation. Reading. Writing. Being in nature. Whatever it is, that helps you to clear away the blinders of up close life, or day to day living. It must happen. For you can not be a whole person, without it. Therefor, you can not be whole for them either.

"Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy." -Unknown

It's a process. A huge inner strength of patience. That with time, comes healing. Healing in general, isn't always easy either... but it must be done. Without it, we don't have the future, and we don't even have right now... we have yesterday and every other yesterday that could possibly destroy us. Keeping us set in the past, struggling to swim... but still drowning.

Often times, people feel that it is important to talk about it. Indeed, it never hurts. However, somethings... we just don't have the words. We have the feelings. We have the knowledge if it's bad or good.That gut feeling. We know if we like it, and we know if we'd never like to have to feel it again.

There is a beauty in them sitting right beside you, and knowing... that if you'd like to speak, you have open ears that will listen. You have an open mind that will help you figure it out, and an open heart that will love you regardless. But also, that is you cannot quit find those words to feelings... that it is okay to just sit in it... until you do. To be in their company is more than enough. But also, when you are away... it allows you to still feel their presence right beside you... from a far.

Often times though, in finding answers... they must be found from within. No one else can give you those answers to your life's journeys, struggles, triumphs... but yourself. And with distance, comes strengths. Within your individual person, causing you to be better and the both of you to grow stronger together.

So here we are... and there we where.

Together... thousands of miles away.



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