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So, You Have Noticed You Are Different.

Updated on September 11, 2017
Falisha Graham profile image

I live in TN and I am open about my sexual orientation. I have tons of furbabies.

Do you feel yourself as being different outside of the norms?

Do you find yourself a guy and attracted that hot football player, track star, wrestler, maybe even to that cute geek sitting in front of the class. What about a girl finding another girl sexy? Or perhaps you find both sexy? Or do you find yourself wanting to dress like the opposite sex? Prehaps you feel like you are not in the right body? Hopefully I can help.

Never feel bad for how you feel.

Be prepared to let go of people.

Whatever you do, do not let the negative impact you. One of the biggest problems within LGBT community is the negative feedback from others. Like hearing it is a sin that you will go to hell hurts bad enough as it is when you are raised up into Christian or any anti LGBT religious beliefs. But being told that you are no longer your parents' child hurts even more. Hearing family say oh she is gay how sad, is never easy.

Again don't let the negative get to you.

Whenever you first come out you will face a lot of challenges. Family will see you different, so will friends. They may even treat you different. Not everyone is so willing to accept people for who they are. So many teens, young adults even fully grown middle age type adults struggle with the negative side of coming out. They often had hidden who they are to avoid it. Which also includes a negative impact. So often someone would marry opposite sex to hide who they are and lives boring painfull unhappy lifes. A good percent of today's youth are either super depressed, committing suicide, or living on the streets for being gay, trans, even simply for being crossdresser. The LGBT community is also often targeted for being different, so many have been beaten, raped, even killed for it. Please don't let this discourage you. There are ways to be safe.

Think smart when coming out.

Hint around about it see how people feel about it before opening up to them. Be wiling to tell people but cautious about how they react before blurt in it out. When traveling alone or with people carry pepper spray, be willing to fight only if needed to defend yourself. I am not saying go pick a fight. Be smart. Remember when unsure on how someone may react drop hints.

Possible things to expect when coming out.

When I came out to my mom and at the time the guy who was my step dad I was actually outed by one of my step brothers. My step dad has tried to kick me out since I came out. He has also tried almost everything to change me. He had even threatened to disown me. You can also expect friends to pull away from you, some may need time to process it. One of mine pulled away for about a week to process it then came to me like so okay, you think you like girls and by like I mean like like them? Then she asked my do you umm like like me like that? Then there is some that will be totally fine with it. My friend like a brother [who is gay] actually helped me come to my true understanding of myself being a bisexual Lesbian. By that I mean I like both but tend to date same sex (gender) more often.

Be you.

Never give up.

Always be yourself, never ever give up. I know this can be rough but you can't give up. You want to find love? There is someone out there for you. You want to change your body? Doctors can help, but it can be costly. In my earlier years I had been all over the spectrum of the LGBT community... Lesbian, bi, trans, gay.... but I settled for being me... a genderfluid/nonbinarny female bisexual who loves both genders but prefers women. I am pretty happy with myself now.

Don't cave into the common depression.

Depression is extremely common among the LGBT community. It is also a very difficult thing to live with. I had depression since I was a kid, and I am still struggling with it. (lost my dad when I was a kid (different article.)) To often many falls into some sort of depression at some point in their lives; some have lost the battle and took their own lives. (Like my dad) it is possible to live a life with it, you just have to have a stronger reason, stronger urge, and stronger will power to over come it. Oddly enough it is possible to be both happy and depressed, it is callec not letting the bad get to you, and not letting the bad make it worse.

Remember to be you and to be happy.

When you are ready for the world to know.

So when you decide you can handle opening up to people who may not accept you go forth and let the world know. Just remember that you are human and as humans we are flawed. That no matter what someone out there loves you. Remember there is others who are also struggling with issues similar to you. Be kind, calm, and accepting of others. Remember patience is very handy. Love isn't always right there in front of you. It can be as far as 2 and a half hours away or can be 10 years difference in ages. Just be you and watch what may happen. Remember it will be rough but you have to stay positive. Go forth be yourself, introduce your love or the new you to people.

Some inspirational pictures

Please feel free to comment

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    • Nadia Nieuwenhuiz profile image

      Julia Crawford 

      9 months ago from South Africa

      I remember telling my mom that I'm bi. She still doesn't believe me and says that I'm confused. Oh well, at least I can say I tried.

      Nice article by the way!


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