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So You Want Your Boyfriend Back? Do This One Thing And He'll Come Back!

Updated on September 29, 2014

If he's just dumped you - Here's how to get him back:

I'm here to tell you the secret to getting your ex boyfriend back. It's a one step process, and it does not involve any bribery, bitchery or witchcraft! I KNOW what it feels like when you're in love and he breaks it off with you. And after I made all the mistakes a girl could, I finally figured out the one thing which has since then ALWAYS worked for me, and it has made absolutely no difference which 'type' of guy I was dating. I may not even be interested in getting back together, but still they will come back! Sooner or later, right out of the blue! It's not magic, it's just the way this using this one secret step works!

After he's broken it off with you, naturally you feel like he's turned your dreams to dust, it's unfair, so you cry, you panic, you plead, you want answers! BUT what he needs to come back around are things YOU CAN'T GIVE HIM in the state of heartbreak he's put you in. Realise that at this point HE KNOWS he's upset you, and you do NOT need to remind him of this. He believes he's made the right decision for himself. So no amount of begging or pleading is going to change his mind right now, or in the next few hours. Not even that cute photo that you want to email him with a love poem! Infact, before he can realise that his decision was wrong, there's a few processes HE NEEDS to go through first, they are:

1. He needs a little time to let the reality set it about what HE'S DONE (He's ended HIS relationship - it is a big deal to him, even though he's acting a little cold right now).

2. He NEEDS A CHANCE TO THINK about you (And HE WILL FORM SOME DOUBTS about his decision in his mind, when he remembers the 'little things' about you).

3. He needs time to worry about his decision (ON HIS OWN).

4. He needs time to realise that he's made you SINGLE again (and will be instinctively gelous about whether anyone else might already be interested in you).

5. Finally, he needs the time and opportunity to work out a way to WIN YOU BACK (to fix his stupid mistake!).

To put it even more simply, what he needs is TIME WITHOUT YOU COMPLETELY to get his head around his initial decision, so his heart can do a a 360 degree turn on him!

So it's in your best interests if you want him back to GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO THROUGH THESE PROCESSES! If you don't he may just keep sticking to his original decision!

The more messages you send him, the more you contact him, is the more you are delaying this important process he has to go through to have a change of heart.

Girls, there's no shortcuts in this situation, but all you need to do is one simple thing: DO NOT CONTACT HIM FOR A FEW WEEKS. That's it.

Go ahead and deal with the situation however you feel you need to, but don't contact him right now.

You can write all the text messages and emails you want, but do not press SEND because He REALLY needs to go through those processes on his own before he can change his mind.

This one step tactic will work, even when you've made a mistake causing him to end it with you. It's most likely that you've already said more than you needed to say to him, you've pleaded your case, now it's your job - if you want a good chance of getting him back, to leave him alone for just a few weeks! And he'll come back totally of his own free will, just like magic!

Best wishes




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