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Updated on November 4, 2014
 Graphology: the best tool to use if you seek a soul mate

Have you ever wonder and ask the question how I can find the ideal mate, the ideal partner in business or the ideal employee. Well a number of individuals believe they have it all worked out when they realized they could use the aged old science of graphology to find the exact individuals they are seeking.

You can use graphology when you want to make great strides in your life. Is this a new thought ? Oh no graphology is an aged old science that studies the hand writing of individuals and associates personality traits to the way, they form their letters. Are the letters straight or slanted to the right or to the left. These are just a few teasers to prick your thoughts..

Most of the work of a graphologist is done with Corporations who wish to enhance themselves personally or their company. More and more individuals and companies are engaging the services of graphologist to screen their prospective employees before hiring them.

According to Beverly East a master Graphologist and author of the book Finding Mr. Write in an interview on Jamaican radio recently. She said she is sometimes employed by companies to screen their workers. Individuals who are interested in the positions advertised are asked to apply in their own hand writing these are later analyzed to find the individual with character traits most suitable to propel the organization forward..

Author Colin Channer endorses handwriting and cites it as a revealer of character. He said "every person draws his letter differently in ways both subtle and obvious". He went on to say that a lot of truth can be told of individuals, their generosity, and dominance of character, sensuality, cowardliness, spirituality and love of children by the stroke of their pen.

You can use Graphology for the following purposes:

  • As a vocational guide for job change
  • Compatibility in personal and business
  • Guidance for family and children
  • Hand writing therapy

(British Council of Graphology)

The premise of using hand writing to detect personality traits is built on:

  • Spontaneous hand writing: .The fact that after a child learns to write using the model given to him by his teacher in school he will gradually change it into what he likes or dislikes.
  • Habit forming: Eventually when his writing become automatic that is, he can write on his own, the natural inclination will be to digress from the model he learnt in school.
  • Interpretations : The writing will determine how far within normal he deviated,or how far beyond normal was the deviation. Any deviation from the school book model can be read as a character trait normal or abnormal if it is repeated consistently.


If you are having problems selecting your ideal mate get a sample of his/her hand writing and get it analyzed or better yet study the craft yourself. If his letters slants right he thinks of the future, if it slants to the left he is living in the past, if his letters are upright he is right in the present. Does she write and leave and opening in her O's and A's, she will communicates she holds no secret.

 Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray



Learn if he or she will be right for you. This is a great book


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Well ... we know your partner as an article-what we want but not regular partners of Allah (God) that determines ... Glad to know you through your writing ...

    • 2Honest profile image


      10 years ago from Texas

      This is a great article. I have been interested in the handwriting of others. I even notice that depending on my mood or thought process, my handwriting changes.


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