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Tips on Social Skills Training for Men

Updated on August 15, 2015

What is a Social Skills Training Program?

It is sometimes hard for some people to approach and communicate with others. This may be due to shyness or inherent fear of being ridiculed if he commits mistakes. This is an emotional trap and can devastate anyone who is afflicted with it. What can SST do to help?

  • It is training program that helps people to be more confident in communicating;
  • It helps people understand both verbal and nonverbal cues so they can react appropriately to them;
  • It trains people on how to understand body language, gestures and on how to make himself more approachable to others.


Social Skills Training or SST has come about since man is a social animal and needs all the skills to improve interaction with the people around him. This skill is oftentimes called, socialization, and involves three classes of social behavior: sight or social cues; thoughts or interpreting reactions from others; reacting positively, and; social processes that involve both verbal and nonverbal skills.

When a man suddenly finds himself with problems in social interaction, he needs help immediately. He cannot live alone in a society, and behavior therapy may be needed in the form of Social Skills Training or SST.These skills include persuasive talking, active listening, ability to delegate work functions, and leadership skills.

Quiet Moment by anitapeppers
Quiet Moment by anitapeppers | Source

Major Goal of Social Skills Training (SST)

The major aim of SST is how to react effectively with others. Men, in particular, are not generally good in “small talk.” A great number would even be shy to have eye contact during conversations. SST could help men become better communicators by knowing the different subtle cues given out by people, and how to react to them in social situations. It is generally assumed that when a man improves on his social skills, his self-esteem is boosted by favorable responses. SST also uplifts a man’s social behavior on simple everyday task like daily conversations with bosses, friends, peers, and even routinary telephone manners.

Studies have shown that the number one fear of people aside from dying is public speaking. That means most people, would struggle to speak publicly and would have trouble talking to people that they don’t know. If you are faced with this situation, there is nothing basically wrong with you since the majority of people feel the same way. There are men who are equipped with a silver tongue and can dazzle audiences with little effort. You can achieve this same success by reading self-help books or through online resources.

Young Men Talking By anitapeppers
Young Men Talking By anitapeppers | Source

Treatment of Social Skills Disorder

If you happen to be a man that is struck by several demons like phobic disorders, paranoia, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and alcohol dependence --- then SST is for you. The program can help men face up to life situations and even avoid alcohol problems, in case you are addicted to it. When you are the type of man who gets embarrassed being in social situations, the program can help boost up your confidence so you can confidently talk with peers, bosses, and that pretty lady office mate that you have been eyeing on.

As a man who has the looks and stature, you don’t want to be a social outcast without a network of friends or acquaintances. This can be a very lonely situation and may cause you deep emotional and mental strain. As a man on the move, you like to understand the social cues that other people give out so you can react to it and not be ignorant of what they are trying to say.

Poll on Shyness

What is hard for me to do during parties and social gatherings?

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SST in a Gist

SST is communication, a training program in both verbal and nonverbal areas. The program may target on specific situations like job interviews, informal gatherings, and even dating. There are relationship myths and changing expectations that dating that pretty girl may leave you tongue-tied. Hence, SST may include a more detailed study of conversations on the initial stages, mid-stages and the end parts, where you are taught to express your feelings in a more appropriate and positive manner.

Another focus of the program is your understanding and interpretation of all verbal and nonverbal cues. Skills in these areas would greatly improve your feeling of self-worth and appreciation. Having these skills would also make you more confident in relating with other people, whether in business or in a more intimate surrounding.


There are researches that point out on the need for follow up of the initial SST course. It has been observed that follow ups double the effect of what has been learned in SST. The outcome also shows that SST has immediate and medium term effects, rather than long term effects. One study revealed that a follow-up support, doubled the rate of employment for a group of patients with schizophrenia, compared to a group that had no follow-up. Follow up would tend to make the newly acquired skills stick better to real life settings; more so, if the training exercises are more core specific on the job, living, and social environment.

Social Skills Training may not be the ultimate cure for men with social skill problems. But it can be the start of creating a new and more versatile YOU.

How Can I Improve on my Social Skills?

In the Neighborhood
At Social Gatherings
At Work
Smiling at neigbors
Join groups at parties
Smiling and being friendly
Small talks
Talking and listening
Talking and listening
Stopping to greet them
Approach people
Approach people
Sometimes it is hard to do. But there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

How Social Skill Activities Improve a Man's Social Skills

There is no doubt that every man gets overwhelmed and panicky once in a while. For some men, these situations can result to extreme terror and agitation. Social skills are terrifying if you have not been fortunate enough to have learned it while still young. So what happens is you become a young man who gets confused and unable to understand the world that you lived in. Panic attacks may set up until you realized that there is hope at the other end of the tunnel. With sheer determination and willpower, you know that you can acquire these much needed social skills, through constant practice and exercises. Some of the self-help tips include the following:

Communications Skill Training

  • Good Conversational Skills

Being a good conversationalist would not mean just knowing a variety of topics. It does not also mean that you need to be eloquent to be a good speaker. These factors would help, but your ability to speak when needed, and to listen when necessary is the trademark of being a good conversationalist. Listening actively is a skill in itself. It is listening intently to what is said, and coming up with the body language that says you are interested.

Your social skills in conversations would also depend on your ability to expound on what is talked about. You should be able to asked clarificatory questions that are not answerable by a yes or a no. These could be in the form of asking for elaboration or opinions. As a man with social graces, you should be able to respond to the speaker in a gracious manner. Your manner of speaking must show that you are capable of intelligent discourses and can understand different points of view as a learned man.

  • Conforming to Social Setting

To be known as a man of impeccable manners, you should be able to act in accordance with the social occasion. How you behave in a formal gathering should be different from say, a private birthday party. You must always remember that the rules of conduct for these two occasions are different, and acceptable norms of behavior require different modes of conformity. If you need to be accepted socially, you have to understand the occasion that you’re attending, so you don’t end up alienating the crowd from yourself. You must learn how to dress appropriately for the occasion. A faux fax can be a socially disastrous situation and may mark you as a social outcast.

Through constant practice, you will become more confident and adept to face different kinds of social situations. In order to achieve that, you need to keep on improving on your nonverbal skills. Constant practice would make you take the social activities to heart, and learn them so it becomes a part of your basic and innate core.

The Bride by Clarita
The Bride by Clarita | Source

Different types of Social Skill Activities that Men can Take Up

.For some men, social skills can be bewildering and confusing as quantum physics. Many of these men were not given the right training for social interaction as children by their parents. If you feel that you are one of these men, pay no heed. A lot of men have the same issues as you do. There are numerous activities that you can try to help improve on your social skills.

  • Looking at People in the Eyes

If you happen to be shy and would not look at another person’s eyes while talking to them, then you have to do something about it. You should focus on improving this skill by working on it several times until you become used to it. You can practice this skill in coffee shops, supermarkets, and at work until it becomes second nature to you.

  • Small Talk

After being confident of looking into people’s eyes while talking to them, the next thing that should do is being comfortable to make small talks with people that you see around in the community. You may start talking to the waitress who serves you coffee and donuts, and ask her what other types of pastries that she can recommend. You may opt to talk to your long time neighbor on how her small dog is doing or the meat vendor to recommend what type of meat that he may have that is best suited for broiling. These little exercises would make you gain confidence in making small talks with people until you become comfortable in doing it without much thinking.

  • Body Language

To gain more confidence in social skills, you must be able to show a body language that is socially acceptable and within the norm. You must remember that people notices your body language when they see you, so it is important that you convey the positive image that you would want others to see. You can do this by observing people and imitate their body language which you find pleasing. You should take notice of the little nuances like how they tilt their head, hand gestures, and closeness to those that they talk to. It is better to practice these same gestures in the mirror and see if you are comfortable with it. Constant practice of all these activities will make you a better man and a person that people would want to be around with. Social skills are like valuable implements that only get better with constant use and fine tuning.

Body Language: Indicators of Interest


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      4 years ago

      Wow!!! This is a very resourceful article. It Provides a wealth of information SST for men. Great concept I love how you provided helpful info without male bashing! Good Stuff! Voted up.


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