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Society Today Will Interfere

Updated on December 6, 2011

A while ago I wrote an article called “Just Say It.” I wanted to reiterate this article in a similar way because the majority of society today won’t “Just Say It.”

If you feel “I Love You,” just say it. If you feel “I Am So Sorry,” just say it. If you feel “You’re Beautiful,” just say it. If you feel “I Wish I Didn’t Say That,” just say it. If you feel “How Can I Fix This,” just say it.

What is so embarrassing about not being able to know all the answers? Or not being as efficient at a particular aspect in a relationship that you thought you might have been. This is why couples are called partners or a wife is called in the bible a compliment. Your mate, partner or compliment will always have your back. They will always try and make you look better. They are not there to knock you down; make fun of you, or belittle you.

Society today is not willing to take a chance on the person they say they love.

“Just Say It;” can be the most priceless words you will ever know. “I Was Wrong,” just say it. “That Was Inconsiderate of Me,” just say it. “That Came Out Wrong,” just say it. “I Never Meant to Hurt You,” just say it. “I Should Have Talked To You First,” just say it. These are thoughts that individuals think in their heads but will not allow the words to come out of their mouths, “Just Say It.”

Humility is the most important quality one can possess. This quality will make the person you are with respect you more, love you more and want to please you more. Society today has grown so far away from humility and has grown so much into the me first and prideful era. The kind thoughts we own are kept only as thoughts because society has shown those thoughts to be a sign of weakness when actually it’s a sign of love, honoring the vows you took together.

Individuals would see their relationship cherish if they would find a way to “Just Say It.” In many persons hearts they want to and know these thoughts are the right course to take and is the right way to treat ones in a relationship. However, they have chosen to let society’s way of thinking creep in. Don’t let foolish pride stand in the way of the success of your loving relationship. Let humility and kindness step in, and those thoughts you are having, “Just Say It.” Your mate will never forget it and will always love you for “Just Saying It.”


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