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Funny Stories From a Flower Shop

Updated on February 7, 2020

He overhears another customer ordering a big gift for the person he's bought "romantic" flowers for.

A gentleman walks into our flower shop to add an extra gift we're to deliver with the flowers he's purchased for a special lady. While he's there, he overhears her name and that something is being delivered to the same location. Tthe gentleman, interupts our employee and asks if it was for the same lady. My employee, nods hesitantly, because she didn't know who this gentleman was, she was already on the phone with her current client.

She returns to the phone call, and finishes the order, avoiding to say the message aloud and the name of who the message will be signed for. She noticed he was listening for that intently. Normally, we repeat information back to our clients to make sure we have it correct. To allow for confidentiality, with this gentleman there, she made sure not to say anything revealing.

She noticed the gentleman was a little "upset" or puzzled. After hanging up, she asked him if everything was ok. And, said now that we have your extra gift, your gift is good to go for your delivery time.

He nodded, thanked us, and left.

Oh my! We were wondering what was going on! Was he a husband or boyfriend that just overheard that his girlfriend/wife was about to receive a substantial gift from another gentleman? We were quite concerned. One of the girls questioned, "Oh no, what if he asks her what she got for her birthday and she only mentions his gift? He would know that she received something else and would be concerned as to why she would hide the other gift."

The things running through our minds - did we just ruin a relationship? Is she going to be in trouble? What was this guy's relationship with her anyways? We were so concerned for their relationships. Nonetheless, we fulfilled their orders and delivered them in a timely manner.

An hour later, the lady calls to ask who the gift was from. The gentleman had sent the flowers with just "Happy Birthday" and told us she would know who it was from. Turns out she didn't. Because the gentleman didn't tell us not to say his name if she asked (because we asked him if it was OK to let her know if she called), we went ahead and told her who it was from.

She had no idea.

And, she was very surprised. She was also laughing about how she thought we were probably having a field day with the fact that she just received two incredible gifts from two different gentlemen. We were honest and told her we were very worried and were thinking about the different scenarios her situation could have been. Our imaginations were running wild (not that wild!).

She was laughing with us and thought it was a very funny situation. We couldn't agree more.

How do you show your love?

Tips on Ordering Flowers Online

  • When searching on Google, be sure to use the "maps" to search for flowers in the city of the recipient. "Maps" shows where they are located in the city.
  • Be careful to notice if you are clicking an ad. Some of the SEO specialists make the ads have the same name as local flower shops when the ad you clicked belongs to a company that simply takes your order and passes it along to someone else, taking a big cut from your actual order.
  • When looking at the website of a "local" flower shop, make sure their About Us or Contact Information has a local phone number and a local address. If this information is not there, they are not a local flower shop. They will be passing your order to an actual local flower shop and taking a 20% cut from what you've paid.
  • If you can't tell that they are a local flower shop and not just a middleman, call them and ask them if they are located in the city. If they are not, they will say, "We have several flower shops that can create your design." When they don't say, "yes" right away it's because they aren't a local flower shop.

You can remove her name!

A regular client that we hadn't seen in a while, returned to the store to order some flowers. We have their information in our POS system along with the names of recipients they've ordered for.

When we entered his name, his recipient list showed up and our employee asked, "Is it going to *Michelle?" He made the most sour face, and said, "You can remove her name!"

The awkward laugh they had together. Oh my!

*We used a random name, Michelle, to keep confidentiality.

How to care for your vased flowers?

After you've enjoyed your flowers for a couple of days, be sure to do the following:

1. Gather the flowers together in one hand (if possible), or have a partner hold the flowers for you, and remove them together from the vase. The water will drip, so have a towel or cloth to absorb the drips.

2. Take the vase and dump the water in a sink. Rinse it with clean water. Set vase aside.

3. With a measuring cup or jug, measure 1 litre or 2 litres of water and place flower food provided with your flower arrangement into the measuring cup or mug. Flower food packets are usually provided when you order from a reputable flower shop. Following the instructions on the packet for correct measuring as they can differ between packets.

4. Pour contents of jug into clean vase.

5. While your partner holds the flowers, or while you hold the flowers, cut the stem using a a sharp pruner (if you are comfortable to use a florist knife, a knife is better) only a centimeter from the bottom of the stem.

6. Place newly cut flowers into the vase with flower food water.

Enjoy your flowers for a lot longer!

From, Your Secret Admirer

A gentleman called us to order something amazing, something that would wow. He wanted to spend $200. This would definitely be a beautiful and spectacular arrangement. When it came to his message, though, it was difficult to write. He wanted her to know she was beautiful and incredible, but for him to remain anonymous. We were to write, "From Your Secret Admirer."

Why was this "hard" for us to write? Well, because we don't know their relationship, we weren't sure if this was going to be "creepy" for her or if he was a "stalker". You just never know these things.

We asked if we could tell her who sent it, if she called asking, and he said, not to for now, because he would reveal it to her soon.

OK, we agreed hesitantly. We sent the beautiful flowers. She loved them and thought they were gorgeous, but she was completely surprised and hesitant to accept them because she couldn't think of anyone who would send her something so extravagant. She asked us who it was from and we told her we were not allowed to disclose.

We sent two more stunning flower arrangements and the third one prompted her to ask, "Who the f**k is sending me these?!" Our driver, not knowing, shook her head and apologized that she did not know.

Luckily, the fourth arrangement that was sent to her said, "Looking forward to spending time with you this weekend. Love, *John".

Seems like the surprise flowers paid off and they're enjoying a new relationship together.

Want to go out with me?

Is Sending Flowers Worth It?


Sometimes it is so difficult to let your wife, girlfriend, partner, or crush know how you feel. Sometimes it's hard to say the words. When you say the words to them directly, you're also going to get their reaction directly. Sometimes, sending flowers eases the pain. Sometimes, it makes it extra. Sometimes, it makes new ones. These are what flowers do. It sends emotions and it creates them.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Roblox Family Game Night
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