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Some Men That Walked In Their Destiny

Updated on April 17, 2016

To walk in your destiny it takes total disciplines of self. There are many things along the path of destiny, which your mind may take pleasure in, but your destiny may not permit them. That is why so many great men were unfaithful to the plans and purpose of God for their lives. Let take a look at the life of Joseph in the Bible, his life was full of discouragement, but he was willing to see the plans of God come to pass in his life. Thus, it is not all men of destiny that are determine to reach their destination in life in the midst of discouragement. This is because, when some of them discovered something great about themselves and disclose it to others, they often receive rebuke instead of encouragement. And as a result of that, most of them have neglected the vision of their lives that was shown to them.

There are times you have to be very careful of the kind of people you share your vision with, because there are many vision killers even around you. There are people who see beyond what you see about yourself. They may feel that if they give you the best advice you need, you will be greater than them. Just like the father of Joseph though that was not his intention, but you could imagine the way and manner he responded to him (Genesis 37:10), which could have made Joseph to forget about what God told him. Despite the fact that he was the youngest of all, God decided to make him the greatest of all. This is because Joseph gave himself fully to God.

By virtue of this, you should be conscious of the fact that God does not consider your age, stature or background when he wants to bless or make use of you. This is one reason why you should not be carried away or place yourself under limitation due to your age, stature or background. Where you are does not really matter, but what you carry in your inside. Therefore never allow where you are now to stop you from giving birth to what is in your inside. This is one of the things most people fail to know especially those who carry what the world is looking for. Always try to identify what is in your inside.

Just like Joseph he wasn't ignorant of what was in him, if not he wouldn't have succeeded. This is because he was faced with a lot of temptations. He was hated and betrayed by his own brothers, and later found himself in the prison as a result of his refusal to sleep with his master's wife. But for the fact that God was with him, God turned his prison experience into a ladder to his breakthrough, by causing men in the prison yard to discover his design (i.e. the gift of God in his life), which later brought him to the palace (Genesis 41:38-48).

The present predicament or temptation you are passing through now should not stop you from maintaining your original identity. Temptations or trials are means of proving that you are a child of God. A true Child cannot deny his father. Joseph kept his identity. The circumstance surrounding you right now may not tell well enough but be focused on the lord as Joseph did. You are the actor of your life. prove yourself!

Every man created by God is a man of great substance, but not all of them have access into God's resources. In other words, it is only those who see what God sees about them and does what God wants them to do, that will possess what originally belongs to them. This however, is to notify you that God is ready at all time to bless all those who are ready to represent him on earth. For, he created man to demonstrate his glory. Therefore you should also know that you can become greater than those you cherish so much, but you have to pay the price. Because there is always a price for greatness, as seen in job.

He suffered a lot of pains, and all he had including his children were destroyed in a day, yet he did not react foolishly, because he knew what happens to him does not really matter, but how he handles the situation. Significantly, you have to be very careful with the way you react to situation. This is because they might be for your lifting. More so you don't have to be carried away by what men say about your situation. Because men are only privilege to know the physical, meanwhile, the spiritual control the physical. And one thing is expedient, only God has the final say, and he does not need any one to help him. Besides, he knows the beginning from the end;

Remember that every man is given grace based on what they have been assigned to do. If God permits anything to happen to you, he will give you the grace you need to overcome. Determination is always needed to overcome the devil. absence of determination leads to defeat. It is your determination that will lead you to your destination (i.e. your strong desire towards achieving a particular aim), this was one of the qualities of job. Therefore, you should know that there is no difference between you and job.

The only difference in human life is his or her destiny, apart from destiny everybody has an equal opportunity, and everybody can become great. It is just a matter of following the principle that governs the world, which is the word God and from the life history of job you will understand it very well. This is because, after job had passed through pains and mockery, all because of the love he has for God, he later met with celebration, and all he had was restore to him in double fold.

As you can see the end of your life is what will determine whether you are a success or a failure, and not what you are presently..


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 

      7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      When we seek to follow the path God has set out, then we can fulfill our true destiny.



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