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Some Really Unique Wedding Ideas

Updated on November 14, 2010

Getting married is one of the highlights of many men and women’s lives. The wedding ceremony is an opportunity to affirm the love between two people, and the wedding reception allows the couple to share that love with their friends and family. Many people spend many hours and thousands of dollars planning the perfect wedding. Some even obtain professional help. Most brides and grooms would like to have a unique wedding, one that reflects their personalities and their relationship. What many brides and grooms seek is that one unique wedding idea that will take their wedding to the next level. This hub will suggest some interesting unique wedding ideas for many different aspects of the wedding: the ceremony, reception, invitations, favors, and more!

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

A creative, clever invitation can announce to your guests that this will be no ordinary wedding. One way to change up the invitation ritual is to use a uncommon form of delivery. For instance, perhaps some of the invitations can be delivered by hand. This can be combined with a particular theme of invitation, perhaps one that can be connected to the general theme of the wedding reception (see below).

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

While the freedom to innovate may be limited by the restrictions of the particular ceremony (religious or not) in question, this doesn’t mean that the couple must avoid personal touches. One great idea is to honor those who could not be at the wedding, such as those who are ill or have passed on. Family and friends can also be included in the ceremony itself in various ways. At the end of the ceremony, butterflies or doves can be released in lieu of throwing rice or blowing bubbles.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Some couples decide to spice up their reception by designing it around a special theme. This theme is only limited by the bride and groom’s creativity; ideas include tropical, retro, or rock n’ roll themes. The theme can be tailored to the individual or mutual interests of the bride and groom and is a great way to make the reception an event no one will forget. If this is an attractive option for you, don’t be shy. Winter themes, picnics, barbeques – if you think it might be fun and special, don’t rule it out!

Adding personal touches to the reception can also be quite memorable. One example is setting up a number of “photo boards” or other media presentations that show images of you and your spouse growing up, meeting, and falling in love. These are a great way to share memories with families and friends while also sparking fun conversations.

A really clever guestbook idea is to forgo the usual “sign it and forget it” guestbook in favor of a “photo guestbook.” Each guest or group of guests will take a polaroid photo. They then put the photo in a scrapbook and sign underneath the photos. The bride and groom will then be able to take home a book containing the photos and well wishes of each attending guest. Another idea is to pass around a journal. The guests can then write stories about the bride and groom in this book.

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Even after your guests have left your celebration, you can still send them off with a final unique gesture. This can be done by giving interesting favors, perhaps ones that connect to the overall theme. The variety of favors can be dizzying, so don’t stress too much about finding the perfect gift.

Personalization is always a must for these favors. Some classics are edible favors, providing a tasty treat for your guests. Other gifts can be more practical, such as coasters or bookmarks. Another special favor idea is to give your guests something they can grow, like a plant. This is a gift that will last longer than most gifts and may also be more meaningful. Not only will it remind your guests of your wedding, but it symbolizes the growing love between you and your spouse.

Tradition vs. Innovation

Overall, contemporary weddings are trending towards increased personalization. Brides and grooms want to make the wedding truly their own. This desire often leads to wild, crazy, and unique wedding ideas, but in the end it’s the couple’s wedding. It is their day and they have the right to express however they see fit. This is not to say that traditional weddings are in any way bad; on the contrary, a traditional wedding can be beautiful, memorable, and tailored to fit any couple. The lesson is that no one should be involuntarily bound to any so-called tradition. Do what is best for you and do what is the most fun!

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