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Some Reasons Why Relationships Breakdown

Updated on November 21, 2009

10 Causes For A Breakdown


1. People changing

Change is a natural aspect of life. From the four seasons to the different stages of human development, change is inevitable.

However when it comes to our love relationships the majority of us do not want there to be a change in the person we first fell in love. We want them to remain the same. However that is just a romantic notion. In reality people do change, one obviously hopes for the better. When a partner begins to exhibit negative changes ie, mood swings, meanness, personality change etc, it can be devastating.

2. Miscommunication

It is a sure sign that your relationship is in trouble when normal communication between yourself and your partner becomes strained and things said are constantly be misunderstood between yourselves. Wrong interpretations, searching for motives and lack of clarity in what has been said add to the breakdown in a relationship.

3. Broken trust

Trust is an essential prerequisite for any couple who want to have a lasting succesful relationship. When it is broken it takes a very forgiving partner before a relationship can regain the confidence once had. Regrettably a large number of people find it difficult to bring a relationship to a state of equilibrium one trust has been broken.

4. Betrayal

This can be in the form of a broken confidence in terms of personal information that has been shared or in a partner seeing someone else. Both can have a destructive effect on a relationship which can lead to an irretrievable breakdown.

5. Competition

Whena couple are in unhealthy competition with one another the resultant effect can only be strain. Competition can be in the form of emotional competition with one another - seeing who can feel the most sorry for one self, to professional competition where each partner is trying to out do the other in career success.

6. Insecurity

A partner who is insecure can be very draining . Once one person in a loving relationship lacks self confidence and self esteem the other person will sometimes have to do alot of reassuring of their partner to make them feel loved. It is the constant dependancy of the insecure partner that can cause the breakdown as they begin to communicate their insecurities through suspicion, clinging on to the partner and desiring affirmation

7. Jealousy

Living with a jealousy person can be a living hell. Especially if the jealousy has reached the proportions where the partner who is jealous imagines the person they love in situations that are only a figment of their jealous imagination. Relationship breakdown comes when their partner can no longer tolerate the accusations and jealous reactions.

8. Incompatibility.

At the beginning of a relationship if certain factors are overlooked, it does not take long before cracks can appear in a relationship. Values, religious beliefs, education, goals and family background are some of the reasons for incompatibility. When a couple can no longer work through them and see them as complement to who they are, breakdown is usually the next step.

9. Conflict: Sources of conflict in a relationship are as follows, pride, gossip, blame, dependency, over-dependency, commitment, ineffectiveness, indifference, hurt feelings and lack of respect. Any one or any combination of these can lead to a breakdown in a loving relationship.

10. Third party intervention

This can be in the form of family, friends or work colleagues or anyone who the couple allow into their relationship to sow seeds of discord. When a third party becomes actively involved in the relationship and the dependency of one of the partners on their advice is over excessive it usually is the beginning of the end of a relationship as the reliance of relying on one another has moved to an external person to resolve problems.

It only takes one or more of the above to cause a relationship to break down.

Relationship Breakdown

Broken trust is the number 1 reason for a relationship breakdown.

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