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Some Romantic Ideas for Your Lover

Updated on July 17, 2011

This hub is quite unnatural to a hubber like me. I'm actually a technical person. I've few knowledge about romance. But without caring anything, I present some of romantic ideas in this page. I don't know whether you like them or not. But I think they are really very helpful for your dear ones and your lover. If you don't like romantic ideas then don't read this page. This page is fully refreshed on romantic ideas. May be my expression to present these ideas, not excellent, but the ideas are really very romantic and it must bring some value to your life if you follow anyone of them. And, now, if you want to like to read the romantic ideas then keep reading the following lines...

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Express your love instead telling "I Love You"

Is I Love You is the only way to express your love. I think, it's not. Try to express your love through several activities. You may say, your lover several nice quotes like Honey, love you. I need you. You can both walk in rain in hand. write a love poem and givit it. Tell your lover, I love ou, I miss you. Listen romantic music and dance with it. All these are the best for expressing your romantic emotions.

Pass time with together

Try to spent you leisure time together. You may shower together. At the time of your work, you may send short message to each other. You may send short message like Miss you, Hi! I remember you now etc. Read each other's horoscopes. You may Play Scrabble together, using as many "love" words as you can. You may plant a garden together, and it enjoys you much. Read poetry to each other.

Present Gifts to A Different Romantic Way

You both have some special days in every year. The day - you both first met, yours birthday, valentine day, religious day, the first day of becoming parents (if you are married and have babies) etc. all's are the special days of your life. Try to present a gift which is really makes a romance between you. For example, if your lover likes one love song then you may present that song's CD to the birthday. You may pack the CD by a nice cover package and my write something on top of the CD like It's only for you, my dear...

Mix romance with daily life

Make heart-shaped toast for breakfast. Try to give surprise your lover. When a new movie release, buy it and present it and enjoy with together. Give a foot message. Draw heart-shaped bookmark and place it each others dairy. Move a walk and walk side by side. Make a scrapbook and store all the favourite memories. Try to go sleep together at night and talk some romantic words before sleeping.

Behave like teenage

Always act like teenage guy. It makes both of you a nice pleasure and refresh you mind. Present fresh bunch of flowers. Invite your lovers for a bubble bath. Hold hands to each other. Surprise your lover with tickets to a special movie or events. Present an ornament and present it with deep mind of love and joy. When you are doing breakfast, give a little bite to your partner.  Send a voicemail to your partner's mobile.

Express unfinishing love...

Try to hide love notes in a magazine or in the novel book or dairy. Always, try to surprise your partner with a big kiss on the neck and forehead. When you say good bye, hug with each other and kiss and lastly say good-bye and give a good dialogue like Honey, I'm coming back soon. You may draw a picture of the two of you and may hang it in the wall at the bed room.

All these are the romantic ideas in my mind. I think you have also some romantic ideas in your mind. Please share it in the comment section. All these ideas are really charming and enjoyable to every person in the world. Please share it with others. It must bring joy in our life.

© Written by rancidTaste

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    • Craftsmith profile image

      Craftsmith 8 years ago from India

      seems to philosophical..:|..i mean makin a heart shaped toast for breakfast, behaving like a teenager, don't these things appear a little foolish for the older lot. Or may be you are trying to put across the fact that these things might appear stupid, but they will keep alive a fresh spark in the relationship...:) right?