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Some Striking Qualities Only Women Can Teach The World

Updated on January 2, 2015

Women a very precious gem of god,a true essence of serenity in every mans life.The stereotype male have a distinct perspective about life be it a larger life persona or a distinct vision of superiority still men's lags in emotional strength,will power and patience.While we may show our superiority physically but the real fact is that we are weak emotionally and mentally.Just like life and death are two feacet of same reality where one is incomplete without other similarly men and women are incomplete without each other.A women plays a very pivotal roles in men's life be as mother,sister,girlfriend,wife etc all of this qualities are lifeline which a man desperately needs in life. Women have it all figured out when we talk about certain focus areas men need to work on. There is a reason why women are called the fairer sex. You may never be able to understand them completely, but there are a few qualities you must learn from them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most desirable qualities that you ought to learn from the fairer sex.

1.Respecting Elders-This is perhaps one of the most striking qualities woman's have.A woman is always loyal and respectable not just to her parents but also to her in-laws and elders in general.Its not that men's are courteous and considerate towards elders but their always lie a sense of disagreement and damn care attitude.t is not so much about following traditions the way their elders want them to as it is about the realization imbibed in them about the importance of parent's in one’s life.

2.Emotional Strength-This is the one quality which men do not have and fall prey to emotional circumstances leading to stress and anxiety which hampers their personal life.You may be physically stronger but when it comes to dealing with emotional blows, you’re most likely to run away and hide in a corner. The reason why most men avoid emotional confrontations is because they know how inefficient they are with the matters of heart. Women on the other hand are superbly strong.

3.Multitasking-This is probably the one quality which a woman can beat a man straight out ,be it in the professional life or in personal life.She plays many roles as a mother,as a sister,as a wife.She plays all the roles very efficiently without hassle maintaining balance in your life.

As a Mother she broods and guides you,

As a Sister she is friendly and helpful,

and as a Wife she stand by you in your thick and thorn phase of life.

She also upfront herself in professional life rubbing shoulders with Men and also challenging them in professional fields.

4.Handling Finances-A woman is much better when it comes to making good use of money.You may earn thousands of bucks or many more but the most important thing is how to manage it for household purposes like groceries,managing children's education and planning for future investments and savings.While you may not even blink an eyelid before spending your whole salary in a single day, a woman is much better when it comes to making good use of money.

5.Organizational Skill-Women's are very well organized be it in personal or professional life.Arranging stuff in the correct order, knowing what goes where is a territory nobody can challenge a woman in. Of course there are exceptions, and we love them too.


6.Patience-Patience and endurance are the qualities which woman are known for.It's stereotypical but very true - women are far more patient than men.Women are a lot more calm and patient when handling chaotic situations, you gotta admit. Just being around one while dealing with one such situation would teach you a lesson for life. A woman knows how to deal with situations with a calm mind - be it an argument with her man or a crisis at work.

7.Sharing great rapport with kids-Women adore kids,they just love them.They love to cuddle and fondle them.Kids often feels more protective and loved by a woman than a man.They’re always great with kids. Their motherly instincts are to applaud.

8.Forgiveness-They may be angry at you or hate you but a woman heart is very sensitive and caring.They love and care you so much that they can forgive you for your sins.While men rarely show emotions, they can be quite the emotional blackmailers when they catch their women doing something wrong. Most women are mature enough to let it pass and move on.

9.Being Expressive-Women in general are very expressive.They don't keep up the things within rather like to open up like starting the conversation or friendly gestures making friends.You may finds many in social gatherings who are more than expressive rather than being silent and not being socialize.Women are expressive beings.They may overdo it sometimes, but at least they know the art better whereas most men are handicapped when it comes to voicing their opinions and expressing themselves – be it through words or actions.

10.Compassion-Woman's are very compassionate be it for themselves or others.The love and care that they share with their loved ones's make them a versatile yet compassionate human being.Women understand the very basic feeling that binds two lovers together, much beyond the materialistic pleasures – empathy.

12.Sacrificing-When it comes to giving away or sacrificing we tends pretend to let it go but actually we don't really want to but women's sacrifices a lot for the sake of their loved ones.Women look beyond materialistic gains and value real bonds.

That's why a woman is the precious gift of God to the mankind.They are sensitive at heart,they needs to be loved,cared and understood.

11.Intimacy-What is intimacy to men? Sex, right? Men and women have different reasons to get intimate.Every woman desires to be loved by her men be it emotionally or physically.They also want to have sex and enjoy the feeling of being with their partners.While men largely focus on the intercourse, women weigh the 'loving' part more. It tells that they're not in it for the sake of it, which is very much the case for most men. You need to learn from women that intimacy is much beyond sex - it is a way of connecting with another person on both physical and mental level.

Which Qualities do like in a Woman?

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