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Some Thoughts On Preparing For A Closed Heart.

Updated on October 13, 2009


Preparing For A Closed Heart.


Close that book of shared memories
that your heart read as more,
then just a temporary binding
and a painful ripping separation.

Slam it hard, or lay it gently down
and always leave a bookmark to warn you
of this sudden interruption of your life.
Note this final chapter left unfinished
in your love that was written together
in the flow of passion through

the ink of many nights.

Seal the door to your heart
and swallow the key, knowing that
when next you pass that key
it will not be mired in the same kind of tear stains 
handed you when love left.

Break the chain, that held you close to them
and wear a link around your middle finger
to symbolize the bound they once held on you,
a reminder of how  quickly it broke in their haste
to be free of the best love they might ever know.

Whistle an unchained melody as you slip it on
and hold your head high till the next link is joined
and you are bound to a far better partner

The verdict is in, your heart must be closed
and made ready for a long absence from them
it does not meet what you'd hoped for,
but don't be a prisoner to the past,
judge not, recluse and excuse yourself
and  then let them simply
hang them self out to dry what's cried when they realize
what a truly valuable asset they've lost
by letting you go.

Then escape... Book a flight somewhere,
close your front door, seal it with a lovely golden chain
and go to write a new verdict in some tropical sand,
with two sets of ten toes, drawing lines of siamese smiles
shared by two in a new love on vacation from sorrow
after the vacating of the old love washed clean from your life.



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