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Some Thoughts On the Brevity Of Paradise.

Updated on March 15, 2011


Some Thoughts On The Brevity In Paradise.



Love always waited
at the waters edge,
overwhelming me
in huge waves,
or gently lapping
at my heart.

Two pairs of feet
through the sand,
hand in hand.
Sea gulls swooping
to kiss the tide,
in between our own
affectionate embraces.

Summer love
so temporal,
so divine.
Blond haired
blue-eyed goddesses
from Any-town U.S.A.
like fin-less mermaids,
beached on a towel,
catching my eye,
stealing my heart.
the soprano siren
of their sighs
still play melodies
from seasons  long past.

Summer love is but
a shell of what was,
washed ashore,
across brainwaves,
etching patterns,
so lovely to behold.
Leaving a trail of
sun washed colors,
empty of the life
they once held,
left behind in
the grains of time,
textured with the memories
that I will always cherish.


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