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Some misconceptions of being hooked up

Updated on September 3, 2009

Why when people hook up, some honestly believe they suppose to control their significant other? Maybe some of you can relate... I've noticed with some of my friends, When one gets a significant other it means automatic control! Some of them thinks the other person is not suppose to have privacy. Well, I am here to tell you; your significant other suppose to have his or her own privacy. Some thinks the significant other should only do things with them. No friends are allowed. This is not true. You have your friends and your significant other should have theirs.

All of this goes back to respect in a relationship. If you don't like someone probing around in you personal belonging, don't do it to someone else! Even though you are with someone, that person still should have their space. You have to respect them as a person. Treat your significant other as you would like them to treat you!

There's a misconception that some people have when they get into a relationship, is that they own the significant other. You don't own that person. That person is their own man or woman. All you are agreeing to is that you chose to follow the same path together. You will be doing things together. And you are also going to be doing things apart as well. I am not saying that some won't mine being open with every aspect of their waking moment. What I am saying is try not to choke, smother or croud the other person. Believe me your relationship will last longer.

Trust, try to trust that person to make the right decision. Trust that he or she will keep respect for you and your relationship, when you are not present. if he or she breaks that trust then that's different. If they never gave you a reason to check up on them, probe through personal items, or spy on them, why do it?

Maybe one reason is you are not completely satisfied with that person and you are trying to find something to have a reason to cheat or maybe end it. Or maybe you need some justification for something you have done and you feel guilty: and if you find something on them, it will justify your actions. Whatever the case maybe it is not fair. It's not right.

I have heard some people say they will not marry because they will not be made a fool of by the other person. They believe if the significant other cheats on them is because of their lack of keeping them interested. This is simply not true. All and everyone is tempted by the fruit of another from time to time. If the person you are with cheats it's not your fault! so don't claim it as your fault and don't accept it as your short comings. You have to understand, If they cheat it's something within themselves that has to be dealt with in order for that person to be faithful to anyone. It doesn't matter whom that cheater is with he or she will do the same thing. You can put on the highest heels, tie a ribbon around youself, put a bow on the top of your head, swing from the ceiling butt naked, every single night. It still would not stop a cheater from cheating, and this is not a good excuse for not marrying, Especially if you love the person. Even if you call the person your significant other and he or she cheat isn't it the same? Aren't you still just as hurt? The only thing is you are left holding an empty bag. If you marry and he or she cheats at least you can file for divorce and get alimony. LOL, nevertheless, Your feelings will be the same.


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