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Tips to make a long distance relationship easier

Updated on February 7, 2012

Long distance relationships are challenging but not all impossible as long as both parties are committed to making it work. With the onslaught of the Internet and smart phone devices, maintaining a long distance relationship is much easier these days.

I have listed some of my favorite programs and sites that can help bridge the physical gap and make your LDR much easier.


Get a smartphone and install Whatsapp on it. This is my favorite instant messaging application so far that works on cross platforms (Phone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia) and enables you to have the SMS/Texting experience on your phone while enabling you to share pictures, videos, voice memos and even map locations via your smartphone WITHOUT hefty telco costs. All of these is done over your wifi or 3G network. Whatsapp has push notifications which means that if someone Whatsapp you a message, your phone will ring to alert you like how an SMS/Text is sent to you.

This particular app really bridges the physical gap between you and your partner (or even a group of people via the group chat function). I have used this app to connect with my friends who are located in America, Canada, China and Europe very easily. The cost is approximately USD$2.00 a year and it is really inconsequential considering the functionalities that you get and the amount of money you save from texting.

What I like to do is to take pictures of what I am doing, wearing, eating and sending them periodically to my boyfriend / friends via Whatsapp while they do the same back to me. I really feel that the physical gap has been pulled closer via this app as I feel more involved in their lives as they are in mine.


Skype enables you to chat and do real time webcam with each other. Why I recommend that you have Skype is because it has been around for a long time and the technology behind it is very stable and reliable. The video and voice call delivery is one of the best that i have experienced so far - crystal clear and smooth. Even Facebook's video chat is powered by Skype.

What I also love most about Skype is that you can install its mobile app and immediately turn your smart phone into a webcam communication device. it brings communication on mobile to the next level. Whenever I miss my friends or they schedule a Skype date, I can easily switch on the application on my iPhone and have a web cam chat session on the go.


Last but not the least - Viber. Viber enables you to make free phone calls (whether is it local or overseas) via your iPhone or Android (Blackberry soon) over wifi or 3G. This allows you to call your loved ones overseas any time you feel like it without burning a huge hole (if any) in your pocket. Viber is good because it is lightweight and uses less resources than Skype. It is good for on-the-go mobile calls. Viber has on many occasions enabled me to connect with my loved ones and friends for free which helped to bring us closer together.

My Thoughts

Long distance relationships are much easier to maintain these days with the right tools. The tools will facilitate communication and help bridge the physical gap. Sometimes it feels almost as if the other party is just right beside you, especially with the smart phone. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and please do share some of the tools that you use to help make your LDR easier.


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