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Sometimes Love trumps proof. Can you even imagine that you could prove that you love someone. Perhaps.

Updated on February 20, 2013

So this gal graduates Berekely with honors and believes that love and happiness are proof themselves of love and happiness. Now she follows her heart and will b

Just cruising on down to the big kids swimming hole
Just cruising on down to the big kids swimming hole | Source

I ain't got no proof, thank God

Well I thought I should update this hub. It really is not all that interesting. The picture of my daughter is the best part. So I though I would encapsulate the hub in one sweeping statement. “I did not know of love until I tasted of it, I mocked those who claimed it, I could not grasp it until it grasped me. Many apologies to those whom I doubted”

Proof for belief.

I got my first real logical ass kicking when I was a philosophy student at Northern Arizona University. We had to take about 30 hrs of Mathematics in order to get that side or our brain in gear for logic. Logic is best understood by A+B=C. I made it through with a good enough average to get into law school. Then it was time for my second whoopin at the hands of evidence in a fluid courtroom setting. The name of the game was trial advocacy and appeal. The nature of winning was presenting the facts to prove a case.

Many spend countless hours looking for proof of innocence.

Faith don't work that way. Only ones with faith can understand that, as far as faith goes. But we can all understand that there are matters that don't fit into the box of proof. Love and Faith; I love them because they are like me, outside the box.

Evidence to prove a fact

Now it was time to practice what I learned. Lives at stake and error meant real harm to real folk. The area is codified best in the Federal Rules of Evidence.

The study and practice of evidence, is all about proving the existence or non-existence of a fact. Always the fact must be relevant to proving a legal requirement or lack thereof.

Times have changed but when Melvin Belli taught me the craft it was all “on your feet with little warning”. The really cool scenes in any courtroom drama, including “law and order” have to do with the admissibility of a fact required to prove the ultimate guilt or innocence of a party.

Remedial measures

A very condensed case to make my point. Jesse had been bitching at his landlord to fix numerous problems in his apartment. One day with heavy rains, the ceiling literally fell down on him while he was in his bath. In trial the landlord eagerly took his seat in the witness chair. His fancy attorney asked him a litany of question and receipts were produced to prove how great the landlord was. Receipts that proved over 30 repairs made after the ceiling collapse. The judge and I could barely choke back our laughter. I stood buttoned my jacket and began to confirm all of the landlords’ testimony and proof. The judge waived me down and said I was going to provide redundant evidence.

He simply pointed me down and said that “I get it”. You see the proof that was provided the court was dandy proof of the landlord fixin stuff, but more importantly proof that there were somethings wrong that needed to be fixed. Sometimes our desire to make ourselves look good, proves we were not good before.

Understand that the Sun coming up tomorrow is a matter of faith not proof.

Total eclipse of the heart.
Total eclipse of the heart. | Source

Faith by proof is reason not faith

Later on I traveled fairly globally setting marketing scenarios where the country had heretofore not had advanced marketing. Proof for the sake of marketing is a whole different bailiwick. I enjoy it but, it is not my calling.

Much later on the Ministry called on me and I have spent some time, not trying to prove God, but bringing young people around to understand that the heart and spirit are to be respected. To avoid the trappings of those in the physical world. To never allow an argument requiring proof to challenge one’s faith.

There may be reasons for faith. Reason is good. But reason and proof are not required for faith and those that do require it have no faith. Logic and reason cannot prove or disprove faith, it is a different logic. Those requiring proof for faith are misguided. Laws of physics, logic and math do not apply. Because if they ever find proof for faith then the proof is irrelevant to their faith.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      They got this funny little "rule" that I admit I violated often:

      "Never ask a question if you do not know the answer"

      Thanks for your comments.

    • profile image

      Ghost32 5 years ago

      As you say, I've no proof of God's existence...duh! But EVIDENCE, now THAT is a zebra of a different stripe.

      However, back to the subject of law. Love your Idiot Landlord story. I'm not a lawyer (not in this lifetime) but do have a natural affinity for and understanding of the concepts underpinning courtroom drama. The only formal training I've had? 2 college courses in Business Law, 12 years working as a commercial insurance underwrigter (accepting or rejecting insureds for my employers).

      And I've been in the courtroom a fair number of times for a layman. Several stories from which to choose. Let's go with a child custody hearing, circa 1999, Helena, Montana.

      Mommy and Current Husband were separating. They were also our friends & neighbors; we all lived on off-grid acreages in a remote mountain development.

      Daddy (who was a real nimrod) saw the impending separation as a chance; he sued for custody of the two kids.

      I volunteered my services to the Public Defender working as Mommy's attorney. She and Current Husband had managed to get jailed for forging painkiller prescriptions, oops! And the PD took on the custody case as well as the criminal, unusual but very helpful--she was the head PD for that county and SHARP.

      The PD and I decided I would be called as an expert witness for the defense. I'd been a Social Worker at one time with most of my caseload in the Child Protective area and had also run Intervention Group Homes.

      Now, I knew I could be nailed to the wall on one point: I'd not worked in the field for the previous 16 years. My credentials as an expert were sha-a-aky at the best...if that weakness was adroitly exploited. I phrased my opening testimony VERY carefully so that the time span was never actually defined.

      And the thankfully box-of-rocks plaintiff's attorney missed the opening entirely!!! Inwardly, on the witness stand, I was breathing a HUGE sigh of relief when he tried to inappropriately USE MY "EXPERT" STANDING to his client's advantage.

      He wanted me to tell the Court that in my expert opinion, the father was really the best placement for the kids.

      And I knew we had him.

      The judge started to let the lawyer know he'd erred, but I beat him to it.

      "That's not my place, to determine placement," I stated firmly. "That's the judge's job. All I can do is tell the Court what I've observed when present in Carrie's (the mother's) home."

      The judge cracked up. Let the lawyer know, "He's telling you how to do your job, and he's got it right!"

      Mom kept the kids.

      Voted Up Plus.