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Sometimes Nice Doesn’t Pay

Updated on July 23, 2009


It’s a little subtle but you’ll notice it if you look hard enough. Now I’m not saying that you should spend your life waiting for others to screw up or screw you but let’s face it, sometimes nice doesn’t pay – Don’t Get Me Started!

If you’re unsure about what’s nice and what’s not nice you’ve come to the wrong place. I find myself constantly having an internal monologue with myself regarding whether or not I can say what I’m really thinking. I’m constantly trying to hold back the thoughts in my head from exiting (usually quite loudly) from my lips in any given circumstance. And it’s a battle, let me tell you. “No, you cannot wear the socks with the sandals, idiot.” “No, not the Juicy Couture sweat suit from seventeen years ago with the word ‘Juicy’ so worn on your ass it looks like your crack is eating the letters at this point.” And so it goes.

But there are times my friends when nice doesn’t pay so you either give the glare of death or you say something. Allow me to break down some of the recent nice things I did that did not pay.

·         I opened the door for some woman at Starbucks (who had on way too much jewelry and perfume) and then she just sauntered in with no “thank you,” she got in line in front of me and then had a list of six difficult drinks which she had written on a piece of crumpled paper that she took out of her fake Fendi pocketbook. Nice didn’t pay.

·         I helped someone move once…once. Nice doesn’t pay.

·         I finally found someone at my bank who was a human, who I could make laugh and she would do stuff for me without the usual standard “We’re a bank we’re better than you” attitude – she’s leaving the bank and I’m back to square one. Nice doesn’t pay.

·         I asked someone how their day was and they actually told me (for an hour and a half). Nice doesn’t pay.

·         I “friended” someone on Facebook who is really not a friend but I felt kind of sorry for them because they didn’t have a lot of friends (on Facebook or in life). Now they are constantly “throwing snowballs” “sending me drinks” and “poking me” Nice did not pay.

·         I let someone in during rush hour only to discover that they didn’t want to get in front of me in my lane, oh no, they wanted to be in the complete left hand lane so they basically just parked with half their car in front of me while waiting for the traffic to subside and I sat there watching three green, yellow, red light cycles go. Nice didn’t pay.

Now I’m not saying we should all go out and do evil deeds and I also understand the blah, blah, blah about doing nice things for the sake of doing nice things is reward unto itself but I gotta tell you that in the day to day that is my life I can’t help but get aggravated, un-amused or pissed off when these things happen. The only good news is that it gave me an idea for the blog today. Look at me looking the proverbial gift horses in the mouth. (And I assure you the woman at Starbucks was as horsey as they come without having a saddle on!) Sometimes nice doesn’t pay – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • mayhmong profile image

      mayhmong 8 years ago from North Carolina

      Stop being so nice then! LOL, j/k Keep up with your good attitude.

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 8 years ago from California Gold Country

      This was very amusing and quite true. On the other hand, nice isn't supposed to pay. Nevertheless, don't stop being nice, because that's not nice.

    • profile image

      pgrundy 8 years ago

      Wow, I can't believe the bank didn't fire that teller immediately. I'm sure they tortured her before they let her go. I wish some people had an 'off' switch--that would make being nice a lot easier.