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Sometimes People Break Up

Updated on March 10, 2017

Breaking up

What is going on in the relationship?

First there might be physical signs. Don't go rummaging though his or her things.

Keep an eye out for extra things around the home. Things that don't belong to either of you.
If there is something in your home that is not yours put it in another room. If this is a gift for you, you will get it later. If this is a gift for someone else they will get it later. But, if this is a gift for a new partner will keep it.

Your partner will go looking for the gift. This may not be the case. If this is a gift for you your significant other might have wanted you to find it as a surprise. You saying nothing will lead to them feeling hurt.

-"Why don't you wear my gift?" If they spent a lot of money for your present they will feel hurt.

-Wait a day. Then, talk about finding an item on the table or wherever. Don't tell your signification other what the item is that you found. If it is for you ... he or she might act strange. But, don't assume guilt. This might be a surprise.

- If it is not for you .. then who is it for? Have you forgotten his mother's or sister's birthday?

Extra clothing is a strange sign

Unless you are planning a vacation or go on annual shopping trips ... new clothing that is not your partners' style is a cause for concern.

Ask yourself, if this could be about your relationship. Then, wonder if this is about a new relationship.

A closet shop alcoholic could be hording clothing and shoes. Know your partners habits.


What is really going on? Many people will yell when they are not happy.

Being happy does not have to do with the relationship. This might be about the time of day, other people, the planet, the neighbor, work or any number of things.

It is import to knowledgeable that other people have feelings.

If the person can't stop yelling at you it might be time to end the relationship. The neighbors and your sanity will be much better for it.

I think you should get help first though. There might be a reason.

No end to the fighting

I think that people should seek out professional help if they fight too often. I am talking about verbal fighting.

Physical fighting does happen. We are not on television.

I am sure there are people that can not take a slap. They think they are the best thing in the world. Those people should not be in a relationship they should get a pet. They might be alright with a fish or a pet plant.

If there is too many fights the the couple should brake up.

If someone pushing someone to the ground once and they don't trip. Tripping on something does not count.

They Eat all the food

You need to eat, too. You are human.

If you have children make sure they have not eaten it all.

But, if your partner eats everything to leave you starving.


Sometimes friends just want you to break up. They want to spend more time with you.

They are being selfish. So, they see your partner talking to a man or explaining something inept.

They take this as a Que to tell your partner that you are cheating. They want you all to themselves.

-In other cases, they are right. Make sure to ask if there was any physical contact. A pat on the back might not be warned for a break up but a kiss on the lips could be.

- Make sure that the person that other sex was not a brother or long lost friend.

-Long lost friends might be hurt or have had something wrong with them. The person you are with might feel the need to care about someone else in the world.

If you know your partner, you may or may not know their response to their friends being hurt.

But, kissing on the lips is not acceptable unless that is what happens to all friends ... all the time.

They go off on rant

They like to talk about things that lead to fights all the time.

They might only want to talk. They might really care about you.

In other times, people just want you to be annoyed by them.They feel the need to fight. The rants make them feel better about themselves. They like doing this to their friends as well.

Your partner does not want to grow up

This is not about video games or games in general.

This is about people that act like children. They don't want a job. If they do have a job they decide that they are god.

They don't want to change for anyone. They want to stay the same.

This person only cares about their own needs.

Even when times are good and they could make you feel better they choice to make themselves feel better. They might even buy themselves a little gift.

Why not buy themselves a gift? They love themselves and would rather spend their last penny on themselves. You can starve for all they are concerned. But, when your are starving you better make them a meal before you die.


If they are using your money or your things to buy drugs.

Pain killers

They are hooked on pain killers. You need to get them help.

The relationship might end if you both do not have money to keep it going.

You are never good enough

You are trying your best to stay on their good side. But, you feel like you are about to go into a pain attack when they are around.

They poison you

Check your moods after you eat with them. You should feel different after you eat.

The average person feels fuller.

You might have a food allergy. Make sure that you have not eaten the wrong thing before you accuse anyone.

Make sure your dishes are clean. This might lead to poisoning.

If you feel light headed often after eating with them .. they might have done something...or it is too hot outside.

I suggest in new relationships never let your partner's hands near your food. I don't like people to touch my food. Be safe.

No sharing water or drinks.

Never leave the table if you have food on it. Don't eat or drink food on the first date if you decided to for some crazy reason leave the table.

You see them with their other family

Break up with them in person

Make sure that you walk up to them and introduce yourself. This way they can't talk their way out of what is really going on. Never let them off the hook.

Break up.

They get their family to prove you are wrong

The relations is between the two of you. His or her parents and family might not know the real problems. They might only have one side of the argument.

They make sure you give up

This is to make themselves look better. They have achieved what they need so far. And, your dreams don't mean anything to them.

Dreams do cause a lot of money. This is not about opening up a store when you are both trying to make the rent. This is about some dream that could be going on. But, his or her dreams are much more important.

They sabotage you with things you want so that you will forget out your dreams.

Some dreams are too large. Others cost too much money.

So, I will give you a basic example:

You want a dog. You have also been saving up for a vacation.

Well, if you get that dog. You will not be able to go on vacation. They know this. They don't want to go on that vacation. They want you to get what they want.

They wanted a dog. They never wanted what you wanted at all.

Now, you have to spend all your money on a dog that needs loving care. Your vacation is put on hold for later. You end up spending some money on the dog and forget about the vacation.

Your partner lovely decides for you that ... you never wanted to go in the first place.

If this happens all the time ... you might want to rethink the relationship.


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