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Soul Mate: The Story of one woman's search for Love

Updated on February 15, 2009

This is a series of installments on one woman’s search for the meaning of true love.

Looking down at the pint of cherry kiss ice cream made me realize that the last cherry kiss was by a man who’s idea of love was how long he could stay on an online video game without being bothered by the woman in the room with him. I quickly learned that the only love that would satisfy him was his mother.

I switched the channel on the TV to find my favorite hunky anchor talk about the trouble overseas. I began thinking about the trouble in my heart. The pain I felt when I thought about how I dreamed of my soul mate, these ideas swam in my head as I traveled through my teen years, into my late twenties and now mid-thirties. I dreamed of the soul of a man that looked like the matching puzzle piece to the piece that fit in my heart. I was convinced that I was not like other women. I thought with my heart and my head. I know I wanted a man who liked to travel the world with me and experience each moment not just looking into each other’s eyes but experiencing the dirt under our feet and drinking in all that our eyes could take.

 As tears outlined the bottom of my eyes, I remembered all the mistakes I made but I couldn’t hate myself for it. “What was the senator’s reaction?” Interrupted my painful pondering and I looked up to see the blue eyes of the anchor that captured my heart visually longing to meet him. To tell him of my story, I knew he would understand, as I stared at the screen my emotions grew stronger but reality would not let me in..


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