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Soul Mate: The Story of one woman's search for Love part 2

Updated on July 27, 2009

This is a series of installments on one woman’s search for the meaning of true love.

All week long I kept in mind the love I longed for, was it a love that I wanted to have or a love I needed to fill. Every halfway decent man I saw around town I tried to place into the hole I felt in my heart, without success. I guess it was about Sunday the following week after my mini meltdown when I realize I was getting nowhere. “ I don’t get it!” I screamed. “I just want to be happy!” “Why can’t fate, destiny or whatever it is, let me find that?” After my declaration, I found myself staring at the pale yellow color on my condo wall. It was a happy color, full of life and fun, nice, light and airy. It was me, rather happy me. Leaning over the side of the couch, I was sitting on, I reached for my phone and deciding to call Sheila, my best friend since grade school, she’d know what to do.

“C’mon over and let’s go out tonight. Not at some bar or club but…hmmm. How about the Pier? We could walk around, get on rides and size up the man of your dreams.” Sheila schemed. The Pier? Do you think that is what I need right now? I said in a crackling voice. “Yes.”

The Pier is on the waterfront and is the place to go to do most anything. You’ll find all types there, it’s a hang out place for lovers, singles and couples and a great place to sit and chill. I was in the chill mood and Sheila she was in the make your best friend happy mood. She was a woman on a mission.

My best bud was in the throes of scoping out a single guy away from all the action. He was sitting on the sand near the ride made like a tree with lots of chairs hanging out of it. “Yummy! A beautiful blond twenty something. Sheila said. I glanced over my shoulder in the direction away from the soulful guy on the beach to a small TV screen over the drink stand. On the TV was my hunky blue-eyed anchor man, furrowing his brow and leaning in to ask a question the person he was interviewing. In my mind I had to interrrupt him and ask. "Is this guy, good for me?" I said out loud much to my chagrin. I had to ask my anchorman what I should do. I believed he was the one guy that understood me. I had to ask if this guy, Sheila's pick, was a good prospect. Was he indeed right for me, I couldn't go through another heart break..


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