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Romance and the Soul-Mate

Updated on June 20, 2015

Seek Your Soul Dreamer


The Veil Lifts Regarding Romantic Love

Romantic love is real. It happens to people every day. Unfortunately, it often falls by the wayside, leaving people, once again, disappointed and discouraged. Scars, which healed from past romantic partners, have reopened leaving you feeling helpless and often bitter. The majority of these types of relationships sprout from a decayed soil of misconceptions. Truisms passed down, through outworn beliefs. The deadliest one is-they will complete me. If you are only a half a person, nothing outside you will ever fill you completely. It isn’t possible. You will always remain a half-filled human.

This is part two of my Hub, The first part explained the difference between a soul-mate and a soul-dreamer. Briefly, the soul-mate is a person(s) who has made an agreement to help you learn different aspects of love. They can be a romantic partner, relative, friend and/or acquaintance. There is more than one. A soul-dreamer is a person who actually is walking a similar soul- dream you carry in your spirit. It is related to your life path, and is the person you will share every aspect of you. You both are already filled with love, and do not seek each other to fill a void. Usually the soul-dreamer enters one’s life, when the person is active in their own soul- purpose. How does one find this elusive soul-dreamer? First one would need to know and live their life-path.

Life Path Purpose

What does Life-path purpose have to do with it?

Life –path is something we seek to give away. Something we need to share with another. See the difference? Many people seek to find romantic love to gain something. They seek the fairytale, which has been engraved both in their minds and hearts. The “give me” attitude is attached to soul-mate relationships. Don’t believe it? What is the usual remark a person makes when a relationship is going well or on the rocks? He gives me __. Fill in the blank. He doesn’t give me__. Fill in the blank. Either way, it is the person seeking someone outside them to give them something. This something is attached to how they should be completed.

In my own relationship, with my late husband, we didn’t seek what the other would give us, instead we sought how we could take our life path, and share it with others. Our whole being was emerged in that key factor. It carried us through those big craters in the road. All relationships have those bumps, and if it enters the, “You don’t give me” category, it will falter. There has to be a common denominator in their relationship that they will fight to keep going. In our case, our relationship was based on a similar life-path, soul-purpose, or soul-dream. We carried the same dream, and it branched out in every area of our life.

How Does this Fit into Romantic Love?

The partners seek to follow a common, deep rooted, passion, which carries through the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels of each person. They might not have a lot in common. They could be different as night and day, but this soul-dream beats in both of their hearts. Passion is a need to give away, in an area of one’s life.. It drives the people involved. The need to share this is evident, as they walk the same road, as a couple. Some might not see them as the ideal couple, and wonder what makes them stay together. A healthy relationship, driven by a passionate life-path is why. They don’t follow a fear dream, but a soul dream. Their heart isn’t closed, because they know they are on an adventure. Not one to possess the other. Not one to look for what they will do for me. Instead it is what we can contribute to the world, as a unit.

How to find your Soul-Dreamer?

How to Find your Soul-Dreamer?

You find your soul-dreamer by not looking. You attract to you, who you are. You, right now, are you living a life of passion. The point is, what type of passion? Do you seek to convey to the world you are a victim, and always being betrayed? This is a passion. This is something you need the world to know about you. Is work, your family or other areas of your life victimizing you? Does nobody really understand you? Passion is what we consistently focus on and share with the world.

A soul-dreamer cannot exist in the energy of those who are always screaming out about their negative conditions. It will choke them. Soul-mates will come, once again, to remind you, only you can complete yourself. Every time you point your finger outwards, and blame others, you chip away at your own soul-dream. You can’t give it to others, since your passion is to do everything possible to prevent giving unconditional love. All soul-dreamers work in an area of unconditional love. We came here to learn this, and to embrace it, through our lessons ushered into our present life. Soul – dreamers know life isn’t easy, but their passion to share their ‘gift’ is more important. Your soul gift’s purpose is also shared by others. You are not alone in this world, and the only one possessing it.

Soul-dreamer gives, without expecting anything in return. This concept, of returns, baffles them. We all do gift daily. It is easy to see if our passion is aligned with our soul-dream, or our ego-dream. What do you gift daily, is often found in your words and actions. If your words, speak of lack, you will gift this to others. So how does this tie in with romantic relationships?

Passion in a soul-dreamer relationship isn’t seeing what the other can give you, or if it is enough. This type of thinking will never blend with a soul-dream romantic relationship. The relationship is based on a similar avenue of giving to aid and help the world. This world can be their family, their work field, their community or even broader. They serve together, as a joint passionate couple, which far exceeds their individual needs. You might wonder if their individual needs go unfulfilled. No. you will see two people who are overflowing with passion of loving. They do not need another to brush-stroke their ego. If life hits a crack in the road, or even a crater, they instinctively know to go within themselves, and fill their own spirit. Their mate is already present in unconditional love, so it automatically pours into them. It isn’t expected, or complained about to the other, or others, when one is feeling half empty. They know they are responsible for filling their own selves up, through their Higher Power. The victim is dropped, though they might have encountered being victimized. After all, both know they live in a human existence. They lean heavy on their passion, of their soul- dream. This also applies to those occasions, when both fall into craters. The difference between this type of relationship, and soul-mate relationships, is one or both are not sucking energy out of the other. It isn’t necessary, nor would it be considered a benefit.

Soul-Dreamers do Exist

Soul-Dreamers do Exist

They are a rarity. Is there more than one? I believe so, since my spirit guides have informed me there is. I was married to one, who is now deceased. After his death, I fell into a crater, and forgot my soul-purpose. I am forever grateful to those soul-mates, who came into my life to remind me, I am not living my soul-purpose. My spirit group provided this term, soul-dreamer, and explained in great detail the difference. As I looked back at my marriage, I could see how it ran through our life. We both were aware of our passion, from the beginning, and it never faded. We had great difficulties, as other relationships do, but we never lost sight of our mission. Our love is still strong. I am still walking our vision. I seek to give this away daily. I’m grateful that I did realized what it was, when we met. A person can carry on alone, when the time comes. What they have informed me, another could walk again beside me. There is more than one, who carries this vision. I’m not looking, and wasn’t when I met hubby. I am busy being passionate about giving my dream to others.

I do hope this has given you new insight. It is easy to tell if you are living in your soul-dream. It is easy to see what your passion is. Your passion leads you into those carrying the same passion. Become the observer of you. Review what you say on a daily bases. Your words and actions, packed with enthusiastic emotions, will indicated what you are attracting. Exactly what you are attracting, be it a soul-mate or a soul-dreamer, you will have to discover. I find FaceBook to be an excellent place to start. What are you passionately sharing about yourself? Read your past posts. This is what you are bringing into your life.

I wish you well, on your passions and your soul dream. Please feel free to leave feedback.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      3 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you, Linda Rivers, for your kind words. It is greatly appreciated.

      Renee Abbott

    • profile image

      Linda Rivers 

      3 years ago

      You write with deep love, thought, feeling and contribution. Thank you for sharing your soul truths. There is a lot here that I have come to know on my own learning over the decades, and there is a lot here that you put it into words I haven't formed yet. My thanks to you for letting your readers into the deep places of your Heart.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      3 years ago from Arizona

      Benyo1, thank you so much for leaving feedback. In a soul-dreamer type of relationship, they collectively seek to give to something outside of the unit. This is where their passion thrives. To them seeking what other can give to the other is alien to this type of relationship. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • Benny01 profile image

      Ijeoma Peter 

      3 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      Great article, you are right "it should be what should I do to help the other person not what should I gain from the person." Thanks for sharing.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      3 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Dr. Billy Kidd. Your feedback is appreciated, as is everyone's, but to know one area really touched you, made me smile.

    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 

      3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Good article! Lot's of great explanations. I liked it when you said:

      "The need to share this is evident, as they walk the same road, as a couple." Yes, walking the same road, not demanding things in a negative fashion.


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