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Soulmates Are Worth The Love

Updated on October 10, 2012

Soulmates Are Worth The Love

It has happened again, you are head over heels with this good looking guy you met while you were out clubbing one night with your girls. The problem is you are not sure this is love. You keep harping on this with your friends by trying to get their advice on whether they think it is love or not. Honey, truth be told, if this is love you would not be asking your friends if it is love or not; you would just know. If you are feeling unsure in your spirit about this guy, perhaps slowing everything down is a good idea. Be friends with this guy and hang out without any physical or emotional strings, because it only creates confusion and it will make you do something with this guy that you may later regret. Who knows, maybe later on this may end up being love afterall. Too many times many women get caught up trying to find her soulmate in every man she meets. It is better to understand that not every man is soulmate potential for you. Yes, you will meet people throughout life because it is human nature. I once said that I was not going to date any more men unless it was my soulmate. The funny thing is, how was I going to know someone was my soulmate if I didn't date again. I just got tired of disappointment with dating men who hurt me or led me on to a broken heart. I had a conversation with God and asked him not to send another man into my life unless he was my soulmate. I didn't realize that each man I date prior to my request to God, was actually lessons that needed to be learned so that I would be able to know what is not acceptable in a soulmate or what is acceptable. Each man I dated, even though they broke my heart, they was actually doing
me a favor and they taught me a lesson in the process. For example, this guy Glenn taught me that having sex with some man I hadn't known no more than a few days was a bad idea. He didn't actually lecture me about it, he and I had a one night stand and afterwards, he did not return my call. I knew this is not something a soulmate would do, so I learned that waiting until I got to know a man and developed a relationship with him before having sex with him was always better. I learned from Harold that I couldn't put stock in anything some guy tells me without investigating and discerning the truth. The words I love you was all I need to hear, to believe him. I didn't take the time to pay attention to all of the red flags that he was indeed a married man. My soulmate wouldn't lie to me and he is definitely not a married man. And then there was Sam, I was crazy in love with this man and I thought he was crazy in love with me as well. I made the mistake of sleeping with him, every chance we got, I was heading over to his apartment to sleep with him. About a couple of months went by and I hadn't heard from him. However, I missed my period and I just knew I was pregnant. I finally contacted him to tell him I thought i might be pregnant and he tells me to find out for sure and call him back so we could figure out what to do; he slammed the phone down in my face and I hadn't heard from him since. Luckily, I took a pregnancy test and found out there was no baby. A soulmate would have ran to my side and held me all night after hearing that we both could possibly be parents. These lessons was necessary for me to know what not to look for ever again
in the next relationship. There was Rick, I was in a relationship for four years with him, with the promise that he was going to marry me, I had the engagement ring and I was proud of it. Needless to say, Rick wasn't. Every time I would bring up setting a date and planning the wedding we'd end up in an argument and eventually I became tired and told him to forget about the whole thing. A soulmate would be eager to exchange those vows and marry me. Well, that is it now I know that I must look for a man who does not lie, who does not want to jump my bones every chance he gets and then drop me, who would be faithful and eager to make me his wife. Soulmates were predestined by God to be in our lives at God's appointed time. I believe that time is when God knows two people have learned all of the lessons they need to learn to be well-rounded and mature for each other. God does not like divorce, so preparing to be with a soulmate means forever; a divorce doesn't mean forever, it means the end of something by separation. Before my sister Julie passed away in 1999, which was five months after our mother had died. Julie had a dream about a couple of weeks before she died. She was excited to tell me that my mother came to her in a dream and told her that I was going to marry a man named John. Well I dated a few men named John and not one of them was my soulmate. John is a common name so I'm sure he will materialize some day soon. In my book In Due Season: We Will Hear God's Voice you will read about my soulmate, the one I haven't met yet. Therefore, God comforted me also by sending me dreams and visions. He even told me the very thing my sister told me about John. In Due Season given to someone who grieves a death of a loved one, who is searching to hear God's voice on their life's situations or someone wanting to be comforted about their future will find that this book will change them. The angelic visitations and God's voice alone will move you. This book will be a great Christmas gift for someone special in your life. Before you date the next guy or girl, pray and ask God for guidance. Merry Christmas!

I captured a spirit in my bedroom on camera. It radiated from my pillow. It was evening time and the blinds were closed so It was definitely of the spiritual realm. Below is a youtube video of it.


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    • frogtalk profile image

      frogtalk 6 years ago

      Affinity I'm sorry if it seemed that I wanted to argue. I didn't want to argue but understand more where you are coming from and what your beliefs are. I like to study people and their belief systems and I like to point people in the right way. I know that I am also not always right. So pardon me if that's how I came across.

      Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable I know it is not always easy to do so.

    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 6 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Frogtalk, all of my hubs are to teach or rant about

      my beliefs. I don't write my hubs to get into

      debates with others over what they think is

      right or I think is right. I'm open minded and

      I am one willing to listen to hubs other people

      write out of entertainment and move on from there.

      I may not agree with all hubs. However, I am still

      entertained. I mentioned my mistakes so that ohers

      who see themselves in me, won't feel alone. My hub

      is to tell others that even though you've made mistakes

      in the past with someone, you can learn from it and

      move on to greener pastures, with the hope you will

      find the right man or woman. Your soulmate. It is

      just a word, like boyfriend or girlfriend is just

      a word and those two words are not in the bible

      either. Hopefully your mate has a soul that connects

      to yours. It isn't over-emphasized, the word soulmate

      brings hope to many broken hearted people.

      Yes, it is possible for someone to marry the wrong

      person, it happens all the time when we don't listen

      to our gut instincts or to a relative when they are

      telling us this man or woman is no good for us.

      Because we want to settle or marry for convenience

      we end up marrying the wrong person. And if you do

      it is something you have to live with. Needless to

      say, for example if a woman is in an abusive

      marriage, God would not want her to remain in

      this destructive marriage that he did not

      preordain. Though he hates divorce, he still

      pardons it. Marriage is something any of us

      shouldn't quickly jump into or take lightly.

      Fo now on, I'll be praying for God to guide

      me to my soulmate... the one he has preordained

      for me to be with from the beginning of time.

    • frogtalk profile image

      frogtalk 6 years ago

      Ok, I wasn't sure if you were confessing having pre-marital sex or pre-marital sex with these men in particular.

      As for soulmate I still think that that idea is over-emphasized.

      Do you think it's possible for somebody to be married and decide that he is not married to his soulmate?

    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 6 years ago from New Orleans, La


      Apparently you didn't catch on in this hub where I confessed my mistakes I have made by having pre-marital sex. God hates divorce and pre-marital sex and I was guilty for at least one because I never married so I never divorced. Good thing God forgave me. There is only one man out there right now that will love me uncondionally and hopefully I will find him and we will be together until death do us part.

      Now as for other soulmates, if one chooses to remarry,

      they can pursue another soulmate, but it is not good to

      pursue one while your present one is still alive. That

      would make you a cheater and you would not be a proper

      soulmate. Soulmate may not be mentioned in the bible.

      However the idea is there when God created Adam and Eve.

      In the beginning when man was allowed to have many wives,

      it was needed to populate this earth. There is no need

      for such a thing now. One mate to each person makes that

      mate a soulmate.

    • frogtalk profile image

      frogtalk 6 years ago

      I think it's really interesting that you believe divorce is wrong but you don't think twice about having pre-marital sex.

      Out of curiosity, do you believe that there is only one soulmate for each person? Because personally I think that is over-emphasized. Nowhere in the Bible or anywhere else except man's ideals do we find the term soulmate. Obviously you don't want to marry a jerk like the guys you have been mentioning, but we must realize as well that the person we are going to marry will not be perfect. He will have flaws, probably as many as we have. The thing is working it out. Love is not something we fall into, love is a choice that we make and we have to work on it, because it's not always easy to love.