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Sour Grapes, We've All Had Them

Updated on April 22, 2012

The term sour grapes was an expression that initially came from a greek fable. This expressions indicates that someone isn't happy because there is an item they want, can't have or has no way of getting it. The fable relates the story of a fox who kept trying to get some grapes off a vine that was out of his reach. No matter what method he used, he wasn't able to reach them. After many tries he decided to give up and said, as he walked away they were probably sour anyways. The moral of this story is, it's easier to despise what you can't have or cannot get.

There are times we've all been visited by the little green monster called jealousy. Jealousy is prevalent in all types of relationships, in families, in friendships, between man and women, husband and wife, siblings, friends, mother and fathers, the list is expansive.

How many times have you seen someone with a new sweater and commented to another that it was ugly. Heard that a friend just got a new CD that you couldn't afford and came out with well, I don't like that group anyway. We can all relate to moments of disappointment when we haven't been able to buy something, go somewhere or missed out on going out to dinner with friends. There are times either our family didn't have the extra money allowing you to participate or you had bills to pay instead of having the money to spend on yourself.

Have you ever ended a friendship because of your jealousy? I've witnessed this behavior among friends when I was younger because there was far to important an emphasis placed on the value of what someone had instead of the type of person they were. Even as adults we sometimes gravitate to people who have what we want yet will complain about the money they spend and what they buy.

We live in a world where we want what we can't afford, we criticize those who buy what we wish we could and poke fun at them out of sheer jealousy. Instead of being happy with what we have we want more and because we can't have it , we generally don't like those who do. The sad part is, what we think we want we really don't need and what we need, is right here in front of us but most of us are to blind to see.


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    • Catzgendron profile image

      Catzgendron 5 years ago from North Chelmsford

      I'm sorry about your disappointment however you have given me an idea for a hub because we've all had those moments and having tips to overcome and handle jealousy is a good idea. Thank You.

    • Cherrietgee profile image

      Cherrietgee 5 years ago from Illinois

      Thanks for sharing this hub. However, I have to admit that was a little disappointed because I thought there was going to be a list of tips to help deal with jealousy. I could relate to some of the scenarios, though.