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Get Married In South Florida

Updated on May 16, 2015

Something Borrowed or Blue

Blue Seas, silvery sands and crimson sunsets that can take your breath away. What a brilliant setting for a wedding, a honey-moon or even a holiday. However, with the weather in the 70's - 90's most of the year round and the stunning scenic settings - it's no wonder the south of Florida is the favorite choice for many honey-mooners, or brides to be. According to Destinations Wedding Magazine; the best waterfront wedding venues are in South Florida.

The back drop alone is a perfect start to a marriage and those memories will be a perfect start to a lifetime of love and happiness. Potential brides and bride-grooms, choose Florida over so may other destinations and they are not even local Floridians. The couples come from all over the world and have the idea that a wedding and a honey moon could be the best way to cover all bases. Of course, one has to consider the travel conditions fro guests and not all people can afford to go to a wedding abroad. That is unless you can decide to have a holiday or even a second honey moon.

This is not just down to ptentially new couples as many that have already been married for a considerable time, also choose South Florida as a blessing destination and second honeymoon.

Wether it is the scenery or the warm climate, there is no doubt about it, Florida was made for weddings.

Wedding Weather

In many areas of the world, the weather can be pretty unpredictable and when you consider how the weather can change from one minute to the next in the United Kingdom, you almost have to ignore the weather news and revert to praying for a good day.

There have been many weddings that were cut short by the fast changing pace of the weather and this is no joke for the wedding photographers who need the perfect lighting and back drop to get that perfect memorable wedding shot. However, even though the weather can change in South Florida, it is pretty predictable and really all you need is your trusty app on your smart phone, which is pretty accurate and that can help you to plan your day and even your wedding day.

Stunning Sunsets

One of the prizes of romantacism is of course the stunning sunsets the south of Florida is renowned for and what better to capture the beauty and the love of the environment than having an romantic sunset cruise with your loved one, or perhaps capture that perfect view from your balcony of your room or the restaurant where you have decided to dine in.

Sunset Wedding


South Florida Wedding Destinations

Following are a few of the many destinations which you can choose from to organize your destination wedding in Florida:

The Anna Maria Island

There are three beautiful cities in this small island, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Anna Maria, each perfect for a beautiful wedding. There are 7 miles of splendid white sand beaches in this island that can give you a perfect location for your Anna Maria Florida Wedding. The island is also surrounded by 3 kinds of tropical waters. Beautiful parks also offer the setting for a perfect Florida beach wedding for those who would not want sand in their shoes.

Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral

Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral have beautiful sandy beaches and a fantastic pier that is filled with dancing, dining and fishing. You can follow a large walkway to reach the beach that has an observation deck overlooking the spectacular ocean waters. Known as the jewel of the space Coast, Cocoa Beach is a perfect location to get a little surf and sun into your day and also to unwind. With a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, a Cocoa Beach wedding seems to be the perfect place to begin a new chapter in your life. Cape Canaveral adds sea, space and sun into your Florida wedding. From the Kennedy Space Center to Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, you or your guests won't have a dull moment in your Florida destination wedding.


Destination Wedding in Orlando is perfect, especially if you would like to combine your wedding with a Port Canaveral theme cruise or a reception at the beautiful Leu Gardens or a bit of magic from Mickey. With beautiful parks, world famous gardens and lakes, it is certainly a great place for creating beautiful wedding pictures.

St. Petersburg

Known for its sleepy town feel and laid back atmosphere, St Petersburg is another perfect location for a destination wedding in Florida. It is a great place to have a stress free and relaxing wedding. St Petersburg also includes the Madeira Beach, Reddington Beach and Treasure Island known for their white beaches and the unbelievable hospitality of the local people. The area is rich in natural beauty and perfect for great photography.

Fort Myers

Picture your most special day taking place in one of the most sought after wedding locations in the world. Fort Myers is an ideal spot for a wedding on the Gold Coast of Florida. Weddings at Fort Myers not only allow you to enjoy the wedding ceremony, but also the lively and scenic area surrounding the venue. Beautifully located on the warm Gulf Coast waters, the Fort Myers Beach offers plenty of activities for both the guests and most importantly for the bride and groom. Wedding photography reaches a whole new level at Fort Myers. The pictures taken over here are bound to make you remember your most special day with great delight.

There are many other great locations in Florida that make it a perfect location for destination weddings. Regardless of which location you choose in Florida, weddings in Florida are bound to be extra special.

Top Wedding Venues

What's not so well known is the diversity of its many wedding-ready properties, from quaint inns to historic hotels to sprawling beach resorts. South Florida has everything you are looking for in a wedding venue and honeymoon resort. There are a few top venues that are well known such as;


is located just 500 yards off Key West and is often referred to as an “Island off an Island”. There is a boat ferry service from Key West to Sunset Key operating 24-hours/day. Majestically located 90 nautical miles from the Cuban coast and 150 miles from Miami, Sunset Key leads into the tropics earning the decree as the gateway to the Islands of Caribbean. This is perfect when you are looking for a luxury private island experience with a resort feel and plenty of quality amenities.

Hawks Kay

This is a beautiful waterfront property that is secluded yet central to Miami and boasts some of the most stunning sunset views available. If you dont fancy the seclusion of a stunning waterfront location, then all you have to do is take a short drive to Key west, which is renowned for its scenery, quaint bars and quality restaurants.

Sanibel Island

Known for it's expansive silvery beaches and blue water, Sanibel Island is another wedding venue top choice. This area does really feel like paradise and has all of the ingredients for a tropical paradise and wedding location.

Florida Beach Weddings


Florida is a place of unparalleled diversity of backgrounds, experiences and vision.

— Jeb Bush

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Beach Weddings - More Than Fashionable

For many years now, the fashion trend of having your wedding on a beach has been increasing in popularity. The south of Florida is a haven of stunningly expansive and clean beaches that almost take the breath away. Coupled with the beautiful nautical air of mystery and crimson sunsets, you can be almost assured your wedding will capture the heart of your guests and not just the bride and groom.

Some Florida Wedding Statistics

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Florida Weddings 2013  
Average Number Of Guests  
Amount Of Weddings
Average Cost of Wedding
Market Potential
$3.3 Billion
These are the 2013 statistics and the market has already grown substantially since the last data was collected. According to the wedding report.

South Florida

A markernaples -
Naples, FL, USA
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One of the best Wedding Locations.

Pre Wedding Choices

Every bride and sometimes the groom wants to be pampered before the big day and why not? The choices of quality spa's and wedding beauty consultants are plentiful in any area in South Florida. Perhaps because of the fact that the business of weddings is bountiful there or that one is totally captured with all the love and romance that it's hard to get away from it. You can choose to be pampered in a luxury resort spa or perhaps get in touch with one of the local spa's and get one of the top wedding packages for couples.

South Florida Is The Top Choice

South Florida really is the best area for weddings, from the rich and famous to the budget wedding - you have it all. You can find everything from wedding planners, wedding photographers to wedding cakes and more and there is no better place to enjoy both your wedding and your honeymoon.

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