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Subs, sodas, so you’re the one

Updated on March 2, 2012

Our first lunch.

We all have to eat, right? You were coming down the hall, and apparently had no one with whom to do lunch. “Doing lunch” would become a significant term for us in the future, though I had no idea about that at the time. We ran into each other in the lobby, and you asked me if I’d like to go get a bite. I was surprised because we’d never gone out to lunch before, and you were on the peripheral of my life. Two years, and this was the day you would change my life forever.

Off we went in your big, black, gas-guzzling SUV. I learned so much about you that day. Our conversation flowed with me asking you questions, you answering my questions. You loved that I was interested in learning about you. You didn’t ask me very much. That went right over my head at the time. You seemed to have so much on your mind, and yet you were very present in our conversation. That is so you. Yes, you liked my interest, the beginning of me making you feel good. My ability to do that existed from the birth of us.

We travelled to the little sandwich shop up the road. As I recall, the Pope had died, and I guess the shop owners were Catholic. They were closed for the day. Where to now? Ah, the sub shop. I believe all men love sandwiches. We made our selection, and went outside to eat in the shade of a cool February afternoon. It was during the time we ate that “it” hit me. I knew. How in the world can that happen? Out of the blue ~ oh your eyes were so blue ~ how does this happen? Based on what? A conversation over subs, and somehow I knew you were him. My one. My heart has never looked back.

I love, love, love you. I have loved you forever. I think I loved you before I was born. My tears have carved lines in my face like a river carves through the hard rock of a mountain. How could I have known this would be so grueling, so cruel? One lunch. One awakening. I knew so little of you. But I knew I would love you forever.

© 2012 Bella Nina


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