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Speak no Evil: however one cannot help from hearing and seeing it

Updated on September 13, 2015

Kindness: it is really not that difficult to practice kindness

This discourse is a short one because I do not want to take too much of anyone's time to say, "Lets try to love each other a little better."

Stevie Wonder, in his big hit song, "Love's in need of Love Today," used a phrase that many of us have failed to grasp. He said, "Hate's going around."

How does hate go around? It goes around within us. We spread hate! It spread it the same way we spread the Flu, and other diseases.

We are all guilty. Nobody's perfect. Jesus tried to teach us. We are such slow learners however.

But like Stevie Wonder sings in his song. We still have time. There is time to stop the hating.

If we decide that, we ourselves, will refrain from speaking evil toward any people we are on the right road toward making a difference.

Remember the monkeys, "see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil." Well, lets try first to focus on the speak no evil.

We are going to see evil and hear evil, lots of it. Lets not react negatively toward the evil we see and hear. Easier said than done, however.

Okay, I promised to keep this one short. You have my promise. Have a great day.


Kind words: an expression of kindness

When it comes to "speaking no evil," kind words are the primary focus. Choose your works carefully and express them with care. How you say something can be just as important as what you say.

Try to be keenly aware of your facial expressions when you speak. For example, a frown says something above and beyond the words you use. You are saying something, even without words, with a facial expression. People can see love, or heat or fear in your face.

Any good player of the card game of Poker can tell you that a look on a person's face tells you al lot. Poker players win or lost lots of money based upon their knowledge of human behavior in regards to things as simple as body language or "a look" on a person's face.

Thank about all that has been said in this discourse. "Take it to the Bank." Knowledge pays!


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