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Special Wedding on a Budget - Marrying Mr. Right When Money Is Tight

Updated on September 27, 2011

Marriage on a Budget - Marrying Mr. Right When Money Is Tight

So, you're planning a wedding. You've found your groom. But times are hard. The economy has gone up & down. Your job can be gone in an instant. Time is flying by so fast. Clock is ticking. You're aging. Gasp! So many things to think about in life. Now that you've found Mr. Right, you still have to plan well. Of course you want all your family and friends to be there. But be practical for a minute. When your mortgage bills can't be paid, all these family & friends can't be there to chip in monthly payments for you til you pay off your house when you lose your job. So this wedding, that might even end up in divorce if you don't do financial planning real well on this occasion, should be done the right way.

Here are some suggestions on planning your chic wedding without going way overbudget. If you are willing to follow these simple steps, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. I know because I've been there. And I've been married to the same guy for almost a decade now.

Wedding Location: If you're on a tight budget, consider getting married in a courthouse. For just a couple hundred bucks for the marriage license, you're all set to get married. Invite your family & friends in the courthouse & let them witness a once in a lifetime occasion without them worrying about all the fancy stuff knowing they are there to support you in this important day of yours.

Guests Wedding Attire: Nowadays, you shouldn't just look at your own budget & comfort but your guests as well. Don't be asking too much because you don't know what their current financial status is. It would be too much to require them to buy expensive or made-to-order pieces of clothes that they'll only wear once. Consider having a motif & let them choose their own clothes that they can buy off the rack. Saves you time & money & all that worrying knowing they'll just show up to the wedding with the dress of their choice but the same color as everyone else in the wedding entourage.

Wedding Bouquet: I have thought of a plastic silk flowers for my wedding photoshoot. But for the actual wedding, you can buy some sleek flowers even from the grocery & just do it yourself, and tie it up with some fancy silk ribbons or if you still have time, put some crystal embellishments on it.

Makeup: Get your make-up done by a professional. Or you can do it yourself. There's a lot of how-to tutorials over the web nowadays. All you need to know is the color you prefer. Most brides prefer the neutral shade so any color that's in the coffee, gold, brown hue is good in the eyes. Silver and metallic colors are also good. Lipsticks are usually light pink to light red. The best combination is if you're doing smoky eyes or dark hues on your eyeshadows, use a light pink lipstick to offset the edgy look on your eyes. It balances the overall look on your face if you make your lips light. If you still worry about getting the right look, get to the makeup counter in a department store near you & ask for a bridal makeover. They do it FREE. Make sure you have enough time to get to your wedding reception.

Wedding Dress & Shoes & Accessories: "Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue." For a dress that will only be worn once, try buying quality wedding dresses online like ebay & have it altered or get your right size. Many wedding gowns online range from $30 to $150 only. Veil is even cheaper & available online too. Or be a modern fashionista bride by wearing a fascinator. No need for fancy named gowns that you'll only wear once & hide in your closet forever. In fact, you can get a simple white satin dress & decorate it yourself with crystal appliques & satin sash belt. Talk about DIY & your own creation. Get your shoes online as well. No need for fancy ones since no one will see the brand. All the people will see are your shoes. A great color for any wedding dress is silver with rhinestones or crystal designs on them. Silver shoes works for any color of gown. Something borrowed can be your jewelry, like heirloom pieces such as earrings & necklaces from your mom. Or it can also be your something new by buying a fancy fashion jewelry set online, specifically ebay. There's tons to choose from including the tiara. And you won't have to worry about it getting lost in the midst of the celebration if you bought fancy ones. Most importantly, as far as your wedding gown is concerned, you can wear it again on location photo shoots that you can do with your husband. Try wearing it on several locations for a photoshoot, do your own makeup & wear that wedding gown for a park or beach photoshoot. No need to worry about it getting all muddy because if you bought it online for less than $200 then it really wasn't a waste of money since you get to wear it again to your bridal photoshoot on different locations. Get your hubby to buy a new DSLR camera so he can take unique photos of you posing in your wedding gown in all locations you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Reception: Depending on your budget, you can have a great wedding reception in a garden of a friend's backyard. Or if you have a nice backyard, you can just put out tables & chairs & make those canopies. If you can't afford a caterer, you can plan ahead for the menu. For silverware & china, you can purchase good quality pieces at discount stores such as Ross. It's all about table setting & making your guests comfortable & happy. Bring out that wedding cake & not worry too much about the cost per plate of each guest. If you have a buffett style table setting, your guests can keep coming back for more. Play some jazz music or hire a DJ for an hour or two to play some cool tracks for you as you dance the night away with your guests. It's like having a garden wedding. It's up to you to decorate the place without going overbudget. You can find nice accent pieces on dollar stores. You need creative ideas to get this done. Adding votive candles on each table can make the occasion romantic. And it doesn't even cost a lot. You can find those in dollar stores or wholesale stores.

Wedding Giveaways and Souvenirs: Wedding souvenirs doesn't have to cost much as well. You can print out your photos using a laser printer & stick it on generic body soaps or candles. You can order those things online for a fraction of a cost instead of ordering it with personalized name already. You can give your guests each a gift without spending thousands on it. Let some family members donate their time prior to the wedding so they can help you organize the guest list & intended gift recipients.

If you have any more suggestions on how to have a chic wedding without spending too much, feel free to leave a comment. Because at the end of the day, over the years, when the babies come, you'll be glad you saved money for their needs & other expenses that you didn't know you'd have once you are married. You can weather all the financial storms that might come your way if you start your life right with your husband knowing you're not drowning in debt over a one day wedding, especially if you know you still gave them the best possible wedding experience without draining your lifesavings and your husband's bank account, or worse, even your parents' bank accounts.

Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding day!


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