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U n Me..

Updated on April 24, 2012

Love is all around..

U n ME:)
U n ME:) | Source

Special World For U n ME...

When we brought together,

I use to wonder, How our relation going to be;

Our relation was just like a bud,

with lots of Love n care we created our beautiful world,

A special world for U n ME,

A special bond one cannot see.

There's love in our eyes,

when we see each other.

There's love in our voice

when we speak about each other.

Our bond is based on trust and togetherness,

Our relationship is like Sunrise and Sunset

We both are incomplete without each other.

Like the Cocoon silk thread,

our love holds us fast and

our bond is not for today but there to hold till last.

Up's and Down's are part of life,

and so we took a promise; Promise to be with each other

to share our happiness and sorrows,

Tearing the dark clouds and leave in past,

A new sunshine everday to bind us closer

and to keep us strong,

In a very special world , where WE belong.

Together we create wonderful world , world of love, sharing, joy and happiness:)


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