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Spice Up Your Love Life: Textsatisfy

Updated on October 8, 2011

Sexting is a unique and intimate experience for couples wanting spice up their love lives. It's fun, sexy, and can go from innocent flirting to intense foreplay at the touch of your send button. When should you textsatisfy your man though? According to your companion, anytime is good, but here you learn when it's the best!

Texts [tekst]

The actual wording of anything written or printed: Digital Technology. A text message.

Satisfy [sat - is - fahy]

To fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of (a person, the mind, etc.); give full contentment to.

Textsatisfy [tekst - at - is - fahy]

To fulfill desires, expectations, needs, or demands through the actual wording of a text message.

Long Term Doesn't Mean Boring

For anyone that has ever been in a long term serious relationship, you know the effort it takes to keep the magic alive in the bedroom. You might be thinking, "there is only so much I can do." Physically, yes, but I ask that you think back to the beginning stages of your relationship. What lead you to be intimate with your partner? Remember the innocent, or not so innocent flirting, the attraction, your instant chemistry, the chase or the build up. For many couples, you first sexual experience with your companion is the most memorable. It is a sign of taking your relationship to the next level, and when you explore each other in a way you hadn't yet.

Butterflies, the chase, excitement, and flirting are crucial to keeping your love life alive, and with modern technology, it makes it even easier. Text messages have become one of the most popular forms of communication. From marketing to keeping up with your loved ones, the possibilites are endless. Why not use it to textsatisfy the man in your life.

This article will teach you how to bring that all back into your relationship regardless of how long you two have been together, and show you that long term doesn't mean boring. It means you get to be creative in a way that will have him wanting to rush home from work in the middle of the day.

Men love textsurprises while at work!
Men love textsurprises while at work!

Being Textscandalous

One of the benefits of being in a long term relationship is the security of your privacy. Even for those who are bashful by nature, sending racy text messages to your partner is one way to experiment with your boldness. You're not face to face which also adds a touch of anonymity to textsatisfying your man.

Now, when should you be textscandalous? There truly isn't a bad time, but sometimes waiting until a moment when he could really use a textsurprise, will add to the thrill of what is to come. Use your textseductiveness skills as a creative way to participate in foreplay throughout the day until you two can put your textspeech into action.

The best times to be textscandalous

1. He is at work

This is a good idea only if his daily job tasks do not include working with or around anything that could potentially cause harm to himself or others. Especially upon receiving a textsurprise. If you know your partner's job routine well, send it at a time when you know that he has a minute to let your textshock(s) sink in, and will be able to completely enjoy it.

2. He is out with friends

Wait until shortly before you expect your partner to be home, and then use the power of a simple text message. Say "Can't wait to see you. Hope you saved some energy for me." Leave it at that, and don't be surprised if he cuts this guys night out short. He will already be in a pleasant mood from a night filled with guy lingo and booze, and seeing you are eagerly waiting for him will get his textsensors raging.

3. He is having a bad day

His favorite team just lost a game, the poker game was cancelled, his boss told him he had to work this weekend. Textscenarios such as these are the perfect time to show your significant other you care about his feelings, and want to better his mood. He may not want to immediately jump in the bed, but it is sure to put a textsmile on his face.

4. His birthday

Tell your man that the day is all about him, and that you can't wait to give him his gift in private. Get him involved in the conversation while also finding out if there is something new or different he would like to try in the bedroom. You could say something such as, "If you had a wish for our private celebration tonight what would it be?" If he is reluctant to spill his inner thoughts, try making him feel comfortable by explaining what you would like if it was your special day.

5. He is out of town

Whether it is obligation or leisure that has your man out of town, he still enjoys knowing he is missed at home. Make him feel superior by graphically describing parts of his body that you miss, and explain why. This is a great way to show him how much you love his body while giving him a boost of self confidence.

You Don't Have To Be A Textstripper

Many people have the notion that you have use x-rated talk, or be willing to send nude pictures through your mobile device to textsatify your partner. This isn't true for every couple, and you're not required to be a textstripper. The experience is whatever you make of it, and could be sensual, erotic or a mixture of both. When it comes to the actual act of textsatisfying your man, the best thing to remember is to have fun within your limits. There is nothing wrong with being modest, or learning as you go, especially if you're new to being textsexual.

Expressing your deepest, most intimate desires will be a turn on in itself, regardless of what you actually say. Press send with confidence, and watch as you instantly gain his full attention, and drive him crazy.

Regardless of how explicit your messages turn out, your efforts will be noticed and appreciated. In the case of sexting, pictures are worth a thousand words. If you are comfortable with the idea of snapping a racy shot of yourself, send it instead of the text, and let his imagination take over. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a touch of adventure to your love life. Sexting isn't for everyone, but could possibly turn into a push for you both to experiment with new forms of intimacy. Have fun, be confident, and give him the textspanking of his life.

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