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Spouse Stealing: Is Breaking Up Happy Homes the New Trend Now?

Updated on May 4, 2011

To Be or It Must Have Not Meant to Be

     There was a time when you met someone nice, special and compatible with to settle down, you hold on to that significant other no matter what. Anyone or anything couldn't come between the both of you. You become one with that person through thick and thin and for better or worse. As the relationship progresses, its better chances to communicate and grow to resolve certain issues that will maintain a healthy bond, so one another can stay happy and loved. That's not the same anymore and probably will never be the same.

     Today, the relationship tradition and rules are so far gone and have been completely broken for generations. Now, people in a status of girlfriend and boyfriend, engaged, married, separated etc. are forming intimate commitments with other men and women. Its like illicit affairs now come with more benefits and quality over quantity other than just sex. A jump-off can be a potential husband and wife as well as a mother and father after a period of infidelity. This can happen after the initial meet and greet and first date process.

     In most of these situations, children are involved. Children are more smarter than a lot of adults think. Is it really fair to teach a child that its okay for his or her mother to leave their father to be with, marry another man or get pregnant just to be doing it and the other way around? Is it safe to break children from one good home to an estranged one? Sometimes, the reasons go way beyond the norm. Couples with kids are breaking up to explore homosexual fantasies, drugs, violence and so much more. Is it a good look to show minors that lifestyle as they're coming up of age?

     Its as if, people no longer care about the emotional state of their partners. Sure enough, spouse stealing has been around for years. But, it seems to be more glorified than ever now. It almost can be the substitute for having open relationships. After investing so much, time, money, energy and feelings in someone to just up and leave you for another individual without a good explanation or even a notice in many occasions, how does one fully recover and move on? Professional jobs, careeres to reputation could be on the line along with the humiliation. Its scenarios like this of why many men and women have barriers and their guards up when possibly new mates enter their lives. They approach this connection with one foot in and the other ready to go out the door as the quest for what we call love and what some of us want so much can come with games and deceit.

     Most of the times, we're taught that the grass is greener on the other side. Temptation can be more than just a test and the reward can be even big. We can have so much more than what we already have. Two folks perfectly single hooking up is just not cutting it. The dating market is somebody being with somebody who has been with EVERYBODY.

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    • Alphonso Taylor profile image

      Alphonso Taylor 7 years ago from Washington, DC

      I uderstand, Haydal. To be personally honest, I would just move on. I don't go backwards, unless its really worth it of proper reconciliation. I wouldn't try to get back with one of my exes who is in a relationship. My view of being single is you're looking for new opportunities, not bad old ones.

    • profile image

      Haydal 7 years ago

      It sucks....but that is what I am trying to do right would understand maybe...if you read my story