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Spring dating resolutions

Updated on May 30, 2013

Though the New Year may begin at the stroke of midnight on January first, the real New Year doesn’t begin until springtime, especially for those of us who hibernate all winter long. Spring is a season of change and hope. Colorful flowers polka dot freshly sprouted green grass, trees regain their vigor and life, warmth shines down through streaks of rain cleansing the earth, and the love bug is released from its winter prison to bring love to the eyes of all those it bites. How can we not enjoy the spring season and all that comes with it?

Since spring is the true New Year, I think it’s time to make some new New Years’ resolutions. Call them our Spring Dating Resolutions. You may ask why you would possibly need dating resolutions. Often times we let things get in the way of our dating life, or we allow ourselves to get pulled down due to years of not meeting “the one”. When we let these things happen, it affects all aspects of our dating lives and makes it harder to meet someone, when every date we have picks up on our “I’m a loser, no one will ever love me” attitude. By making dating resolutions, we can identify the areas of our dating lives that need a little spring cleaning. Here are three resolutions to get you started. You can make the rest.

1. “Forget the past.”

This spring, let’s chalk the past up to live and learn, and not impose the past on our present or future. We have all made our mistakes, and we all have those nasty skeletons lurking in our dark closets. Yet the past only serves to remind us of the negative, and bringing the negative into new relationships can only create fresh corpses for us to bury with those skeletons. Remember that every person you date is not responsible for your bad experiences in the past. The guy you’re going out with on Friday night didn’t dump you through a text message. The girl you have movie plans with isn’t the psycho who called you fifty times in an hour. Forget about those in your past and let each new person stand on their own, without being seen through the negative light of what others have done.

2. “Spring into the new you.”

This spring, no more excuses because excuses were for the old you. Sounds like some cheesy commercial, doesn’t it? But it is oh so true. There are things we all would like to change about ourselves, but wishful thinking isn’t going to make it happen. Dreaming away about those jeans you wore when you were twenty pounds lighter? Then find a diet and exercise program that works for you and shed those pounds. Wishing your drab brown was a radiant blonde? Make that appointment with your hairstylist. Think your wardrobe could stand an update of a decade or two? By all means, hit the stores and ask those young clerks what’s in style. While it’s important to remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and you should love yourself for who you are, you may have small changes you want to make here and there and there is nothing wrong with that. No matter what it is that you want to change, stop complaining and just get out there and change it.


3. “I will meet someone.”

This spring, your goal is to meet one new person. Now I’m not necessarily talking about Mr. or Ms. Right. I mean just someone. A new friend. A new lover. A new partner in crime. Whatever the case, go meet someone. Squash your nerves and swallow your pride, and go talk to that person standing across the room from you. Quit letting your online dating profile gather cobwebs while others around you are snatching up the “good ones”. Email people, join in with forums, utilize whatever tools are around you to meet someone new. If you haven’t started an online dating profile but have always been curious how it works, give it a try.

There are many ways to meet a person outside of your circle of friends and online dating. Find a local class in something that interests you and take it up. Tennis, pottery, sushi making or computer classes. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, spending $60 on a class may be the best investment you’ve made in a long time. Not only do you get to spend time learning and doing something you love, you may just meet someone new who has the same interests.

Not interested in a class or online dating? Why not use your current contacts to help you make new friends? Expand your work buddies to include new people from different departments. If you usually avoid going out with friends on Friday nights to a party or a bar, give it a try. You never know who you will meet. And for goodness sake, don’t turn down that blind date. Meeting someone new, whether a new friend or potentially “The One”, will put the spring back into your step.


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