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Sri Lankan Wedding Sarees

Updated on June 3, 2011
Sri Lankan Wedding Saree
Sri Lankan Wedding Saree

wedding sari, most important items in a Sri Lankan wedding

In any Sri Lankan wedding, the wedding saree plays a very important role, not only does it highlight the bride but becomes an important conversation topic, especially among the females attending the wedding. Sri Lankan wedding sarees are not as popular as before, especially with more and more brides going for wedding dresses instead of saris. The main reason for going for wedding dresses is that it is relatively less expensive, you don't have to spend a lot on bridal dressing and it is much comfortable, a big factor in your wedding day where you have to spend hours taking photos and greeting relatives etc. However the sari offers a more beautiful option and a chance add more style to the bride. It also adds a bit of Sri Lankan flavor to the wedding. If you are doing a traditional Kandyan wedding then a sari is a must. Wedding sarees, sometimes referred as bridal sarees are very expensive and if you are using the service of a bridal dresser you usually don't have the option of buying from your preferred shop as well. Bridal dressers earn a lot of commission from shops for referring customers so they usually direct you to more expensive shops. So before you go and buy your wedding saree make sure you discuss with your bridal dresser. Below are some beautiful wedding sarees for you to choose from.

Kandyan Wedding Saree
Kandyan Wedding Saree

Kandyan Wedding Sarees

As mentioned in the above paragraph as well, If you are preparing for a Kandyan wedding a saree is a must. Kandyan saree is a bit different from the traditional saree and requires some knowledge to wear properly. Also there are many other items like, necklaces, head dresses and bangles needed for a proper traditional Kandyan saree. It is always a good idea to rent those additional items because it is very unlikely you will wear them again for another event. Another thing to consider is the high cost charged by bridal dressers for Kandyan sarees. It takes more time and effort than a normal saree so an increase in price is expected, but be on the lookout for extravagant price increases just because it is a Kandyan saree.


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